1. Cindy lou Betris says

    Figures a bitch like Von Miller a Bronco would get the RONA to get his 15 mins of fame from this

  2. Leroy Arnold says

    This is not HIV or cancer or worst can we stopp it with he has tested positive blabla nothing is happening to him he is gonna be fine

  3. Thịnh Nguyễn văn says

    thank you

  4. Thịnh Nguyễn văn says


  5. 780 D says

    Fucking Rudy Gobert

  6. GotAL2Say says

    Secondly, why are they in the studios to do this set?

  7. GotAL2Say says

    Shocked? You know lame niggas always trying to get pussy even when their life is on the line.

  8. Jared Thomas says

    welp, that's IT. gotta PACK UP the nfl season… it's pretty much OVER now

  9. Kek Ozymandias says

    Meanwhile, Jay Glazer…..I have the biggest news ever!! It will shock the football world!!!

  10. FlyGuy702 says

    Go get your money no time for the BS/College’s

  11. Pretty Woman says

    STRIP CLUB OWNER!!!! People comes from everywhere. ????

  12. Swarthy One says

    NCAA brought it on themselves. Been using the athletes and now the athletes are getting smart. College basketball is dead!!! All the elite players will go pro now

  13. j drayton says

    A lot of people have it and don't even know it

  14. Enigma The Gray Man says

    Telephone interview Von Miller sounds very concerned to me.

  15. Anthony Neil says

    NO NFL for sure 2020

  16. Chinese Virus says

    Lebron already jumped over Jordan as best ever and GOAT. Done since June 2016. Real talk just keeping it real.

  17. LeVelle Coley says

    People he’s fine. You do know corona has been out for months and they just now testing him? If he ain’t sick now he won’t be later.


    COVID 19 stop giving it to athletes

  19. smile more Valerio808 says

    Noo my idol??❤️hope von can recover????❤️

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