[BREAKING NEWS] Nate Burleson "shocked" Buccaneers acquire TE Rob Gronkowski from Patriots | GMFB


[BREAKING NEWS] Nate Burleson “shocked” Buccaneers acquire TE Rob Gronkowski from Patriots | GMFB

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  1. True Trucker says

    That was the smartest move in football. Picture Gronkowski and Howard on the field at the same time. The Bucs will tear up the field with short passes to protect Brady, catch the defense cheating and throwing the bomb. Don’t forget, the Bucs have some great wide outs too. They will be fun to watch.

  2. Terry Walsh says

    Brady has something to prove. I don't care how old he is, I've watched him since he started. I'm telling you, he is gonna come out swinging and in Tom Brady fashion he is gonna crush every opponent. I'm a Patriots fan til death but I'm also a Tom Brady fan. It would be an epic super bowl if the Bucs faced off against the Patriots. Brady vs Belechik.

  3. Sean MCcANN says

    Nate is not only a drama queen but also a beta.

  4. Ziggy Zuko says

    As a Pats fan I hope the Bucs take it this year I’m still pissed at Bill over SB 52 benching Butler smh

  5. Matthew Williams says

    I haven’t seen a team stacked like this since a can of Pringle’s ??don’t forget the defense is going to be even better this season now that they are all back together

  6. Matthew Williams says

    It’s so much gronk. I don’t know what to gronk !!!!??‍☠️☝️?????and the ones who hatin can go gronk themselves ?

  7. Robert Knowles says

    Bucs will not be the Browns of last year with wasted talent. They have a way better coach and less selfish players

  8. Eddie Hill says

    Let's Go Bucs

  9. D'Tywuan Davis says

    Saints fans I want you to think you run the division. I got some bad news. Tom Brady is 4-1 all-time vs Saints. Let that sink in #SKULLGANG

  10. Jaden Michael says

    Gronk should have to wrestle all the Tight Ends to make the team

  11. Jaden Michael says

    Why didnt pats get oj howard in deal??

  12. MVS!C says

    Bucs are getting sloppy seconds

  13. Paul Collins says

    It takes 2 ex Patriots to keep sports talk going

  14. Lindsey Fichera says

    I love NATE said that Abt the Bulls . I was saying that all yesterday

  15. nmc400 says

    Buccs can either be like the randy moss pats team or the next cleveland browns so many great players only to humiliate themsslves.

  16. Harry Leigh says

    This team has now become a madden ultimate team. Especially when they add a stud to the o line with a pick and add another stud to defense

  17. Money Ray says

    Kay ?

  18. Nancy Laflash says

    Watch Out League Here We Come, The Bucs Are Gonna Kick Some But!!! What A Team This Is Gonna Be. I'm So Excited!!! This Is Like Fantasy Football Brought To Reality!!!

  19. WilliAm Vaquedano says

    Yooooo. This is going to be a great NFL' season. Love what Tampa doing. Rooting for them offf top. Let's go bucks babby.?????

  20. SMOKE says


  21. Tripper Harrison says

    And Gronk is still in his prime. A great grab for the bucs. My opinion is that Brady will do well there, but won’t get another ring.Brady is absolutely the best to ever do it,BUT, he did it with the best coach ever.I AM a Brady fan , but also a realist. It took a Peyton Manning several years to win a ring in Denver. Peyton is a different animal all together.Peyton IS the coach. The coach on the fly. It’s the reason(along with a great defense) he was able to get that ring with Denver.At Brady’s age, he will be lucky to get 2 seasons at TB. I truly hope I’m wrong, but, I don’t think he will get a ring there. No matter who he I surrounded by.

  22. Greeneggsz says

    Sub and like https://youtu.be/0d0fmNpXtDw

  23. Cyber Punk says

    Kate don't like that look

  24. Thomas Thomas says

    I'm a Pat's fan, but the Bucs are going to super bowl first round byes need OL rest of pics get defense even trade a. Few of those to get a veteran Cb or S and get lb with ur picks

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