1. fiyn shamrock says



    His elite 11 does some serious talking. Even back then into now. Shows how good adapts. But how hard he works to adapt. Very consistent. Laser arm. Great ball runner. Call me bad I was hoping maybe we would fuck something up and snag Trevor Lawrence the next draft ? What a dumb risk that would be. I was being selfish. Lol. I still feel he's the best out of the 3. Burrow, Lawrence, Tua.

  3. Thomas Duffy says

    I hate being a fins fan

  4. Ernest Jones says

    I like Tua just hope he stays healthy. But Herbert comes in with a chip on his shoulder instead of a HOF jacket. Herbert has to earn everything ⚡️⬆️ #we’ll see

  5. MrBlazzin101 says

    Lol watching live I knew we were gonna take him when he answered his phone. Idk if they were supposed to show that but that gave it away.

  6. Top5NoQuestions says

    I'm a Dolphins fan now.

  7. MagnumGear1 says

    who is TUNGA bye loa? relly?

  8. Patrick Mckeever says

    Miami just made the best move since Tony Nathan! Tua is not at 100% yet but he is way ahead on recovery and his drive is 2nd to none! Nic gave his Seal of Approval and Miami listened! Best move of any team in Football! Miami is going to have the best QB in the NFL!… Roll Tide! Koa Tua.

  9. Brandon Fout says

    Miami could….win the East!

  10. griffin Rucker says

    Madden 21 Dolphins here i come!!

  11. Woke AF says

    I think that was the right move for the FinsHerbert is not on Tua's level. The doctors say Tua is pretty healthyIf you're gonna dream, dream BIG!!Go for it!

  12. j jones says

    Going Tua Miami! Merica1st.

  13. Hector Rodriguez says

    Tua is going to South Beach ? playing for the Miami Dolphins

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