1. Jonathan Rogers says

    Does anybody know the name of the song that plays during that opening smoke and mirrors scene?

  2. mar says

    did the couple acually break up tho? 

  3. priskilletFOB says

    The guy in the relationship came off as too gay, I was not convinced in the slightest that he was in a heterosexual relationship. In fact, I feel like he and his brother, Brian, should have traded roles.

  4. ambrosia0909 says

    can't believe I just saw this film. it was amazing. craving more

  5. holdmyhandxd says

    She knows NOTHING! lol.

  6. holdmyhandxd says

    haha thank you.

  7. Amber Rose says

    This movie was incredible and very relatable. I loved it!!:)

  8. acapuroviento says

    can't stop watching this movie. 3 times in a row
    greetings from argentina!!!

  9. holdmyhandxd says

    so are you like a part of all of this movie? or are you just a fan. Also please answer my question! at the end of the movie when its emotional you play that song.. what is that song haha.

  10. wonderwhywefly says

    I love this movie(:

  11. Adrian Abbott says

    i am so happy this film exists. its amazing.

  12. Zilerte says

    Does anybody know where I could find this movie in France?

  13. Rebekah Otto says

    it's finally up on Itunes and Amazon– thanks!

  14. Rebekah Otto says

    The first song in this trailer "Shadow Party" by Jack Lewis and the Cutoffs is now available on Itunes and Amazon!

  15. Rms869 says

    Awesome film dude. Just saw it today at the IFC on Sixth. Great work.

  16. myway8950 says

    can anyone tel me where i can watch dis movie online?

  17. sehngeer says

    @drsaliards I don't think the songs are the same, the snippet in the trailer is also present in the CD but a bit different beat. I'll make a video with the CD version of 'Shadow Party' if I have the time 🙂

  18. Stephen Sullivan says

    @sehngeer Any luck with the "Shadow Party" track on "L'vov Goes To Emandee"? So tough to find!

  19. Daniel Ponsky says

    It's always nice when Mr. Nobody gets a chance to slap the hell out of all the Mr.Somebody's. Great looking film, can't wait to see it !

  20. Alyson V says

    Hey you guys great film – I saw it tonight at IFC in NY and I'd back this any day- and no this is not your mother!

  21. crayzmarc says

    when does this come to London!?

  22. sehngeer says

    I don't think this (on CD) is the exact same as in the trailer. The one in the trailer is of course edited and cut so it could be. Nevertheless I am very happy with this version too 🙂

  23. Dutch Collectors Corner says

    This shit is so awesome and itll never hit theaters in the netherlands because its not big budget..happy i found this gem early!

  24. sehngeer says

    I ordered Jack Lewis's 'L'vov Goes To Emandee' from Norman Records (dotcom), it seems to include this song. Couldn't find the song on youtube (no proper version), torrent sites, even the myspace-version is some low-fi live recording 🙁 I don't know if the song on the cd is the same as the one in the trailer, let's hope for the best.

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