Brian McBride says U.S. soccer players must go to Europe | ESPN FC


Former USMNT star Brian McBride says U.S. soccer players must go to Europe if they wish to reach their potential and help the team reach higher levels of international success.

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  1. Scott Blish says

    The number one thing that MUST happen if U.S. soccer is ever going to take the next step is to GET RID OF THE PAY-TO-PLAY YOUTH SYSTEM. Soccer is not a rich man's game in ANY nation that is actually any good at it.

  2. Gregory Valiant says

    To play in Europe you need to be good!!! The USA teams SUCK!!! They are the worst of the WORST!!

  3. Mohammed Wasi says

    finally seeing players leaving smh Morris

  4. cpinta11 says

    Best players over to Europe? You think!!!!!???? Doesn’t take a firmer USMNT player to recognize that. No brainer. The MLS is horrible soccer, and our USSF is a freakin mess.

  5. Sovetsky Soyuz says

    I like how he said Scotland over Spain

  6. FavreianVengeance says

    Like Mitch in Old School. It's complicated. We have a dog.

  7. Danny Flint says

    The difference is in Europe and south America kids play football for pleasure in their free time in america they mainly play because its a school lesson

  8. If it ain't woke,don't fix it says

    If you turn down a Bundesliga team because you have a dog…. you ain't ready for the Bundesliga, that's a fact

  9. Gregory Scott says

    Just lost any respect for Jordan Morris. Dog 1 Bundesliga 0.

  10. Brian McLean says

    When Brian, Landon, Clint, Beasley, Reyna, etc played, at least the team had heart.

  11. Lionel Messi says

    Usa spends 800 billion dollor for millitery in a year.Usa should spend 7.9 billion for millitery and 100 million dollor for soccer.

  12. Maurice IOS says

    MLS is a joke right?

  13. Deyan Zaprianov says

    I will explain to you all what is the issue with Football and the "popularity" of this amazing sport in USA, the issue is in the word wrongly used in USA "Football" there are too many fans supporting the word Football and not the internationally called sport Football. When 50% of the fans in USA invest and start supporting the Football and not the other sport "Tackle hand throw ball" which they called Football, then we will be more famous in the sport and we will not need to send anyone to the Champions League or Italy of England, until that happen we will just try our best… unfortunately

  14. Jaroslav Záruba says

    Returning from Europe to US would be depressing… Just try to imagine the lack of passion from the crowds after you have experienced some of the European stadiums…

  15. chris wood says

    its football not soccer its a changing room not a locker room and its a strip not a uniform.

  16. Butt Hole says

    Your either rich and play, or your broke and don’t play. I should’ve left the country when I had the chance, and played real football not soccer

  17. iSurvived 76 says

    Been saying this for years now to my friends. The only way the USMNT has a chance is to get it's players into the European leagues to learn how to play real Soccer/Football like pros. MLS will never give them the competition they need to compete Internationally, no matter how many International stars they have come over to play.

  18. Mamadou Diallo says

    I agree with Jones. He's completely right.

  19. Friedo Hubert says

    Should play in Europe as the US player have the tallents those clubs wanted ?? doubt it

  20. Ernesto Guidos says

    Imo a lot of it has to do with what they look for in youth and players. In Europe they emphasize mainly on talent involving skill like ball control, dribbling, vision, technique, timing etc. Over here in the US they mainly focus on physical nature such as speed, strength, size and fitness and have skill coming in second. Europe is the opposite. Both are important however it is far more effective to pick up and develop a skillful player and than get them to get stronger and faster rather than to do the opposite. Good skill and technique is harder to find and harder to grow, or more complicated. Plus skill is generally more effective in a game. I've noticed so many players over here, that are talented and skillful, get overlooked because they aren't as strong, fast or tall as the other player next to them who is just decent with skill. It's a problem all over top programs and academies in the US. Not all, but most. When you watch a top level team the skill level is not much different than a good club team, they are just stronger, faster, usually taller etc. This translates directly to the pros as a lot of these players are the ones that make it. It's not fair to those kids that are actually good with the ball and have something to show as they are usually the second choice. Same thing happened to me. Iam playing for an elite club team, but have gotten overlooked so many times. My technical skills is far above many around me and I play better than kids at tryouts and such, but have gotten overlooked by coaches because they picked someone faster and taller than me. Iam not saying Iam the best, but I have fantastic technical skills and Iam fit and strong. But again, apparently not as strong and tall as the other kids. Things will turn out well for me though which ever way it does. Iam constantly training and dedicated so it'll pay off. However the point is that the US has a lot to work on. And for Christ sakes stop making it so expensive! Holy fuck! I get you gotta make money but stop having this only business mindset. They run it for money and it shows. A lot of kids with talent, that don't have much money, a lot of the time can't fucking play for a team cause it cost so damn much. I am talking about good elite or decent teams. The club that Iam in is 1,500 to 2,000 a year! That's for registration, club fee, uniforms etc. It could be more depending on how many tournaments you do and shit. They offer financial aid but still! It's crazy! All in all there are a lot of issues here. Europe is the best bet to just give it a try. Even if it's just a trip there and back, five it a try. Iam trying to do that but it's hard. If your kid has something to show, go give Europe a shot first.

  21. Billybob Baxter says

    In Scotland ????????

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