1. ibrah kimesu says

    he speaks fluent english more even that Espirito👌🏾

  2. chelsea fc says

    Chelsea rubbish 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Alfie James says


  4. Andrew Hart says

    well said – he blames Kepa harder than should be done for his age – rather than price tag


    Kai havertz wil be Flop

  6. Freedom Frankie says

    He looks very smart and sharp guy in all,speaks fluently and looks like Lampard

  7. Moinul says

    The editing on this is horrible. Repeating the same part 100 times

  8. Jonas Samy says

    Top strikers in PL 20/21 Salah, Werner, Sterling

  9. Okeya Conte says

    This time Chelsea have got a better striker and he will be a top scorer

  10. Okeya Conte says

    What a stricker

  11. MinWoldu ዘ-ኢትዮጵያ says

    I can't believe Chelsea wins this match. They were so sluggish Infront of balls and not coordinated well though the team was full of special talents. I am afraid this team is poor from defensive view of points. Brightons didn't use all the chances they created and the opportunities they had.

  12. aaron maguire says

    Can see the impressions already

  13. Temp Step says

    Beat Liverpool Sunday and you won't have to worry about closing gaps. Play for the title

  14. Joseph M K says

    why can't we give Lampard another whole season with no pressure???Liverpool and Klopp were lucky to have spread out their signings over a period of time, unlike chelsea…First Firmino, then Mane'->Salah->Alisoon and VVD yes ofc they made some shrewd signings with Robbo and Salah, and developed some insane talent in Trent, Gomez and Hendo, but he got so much time…to develop a system, to gel the players, Just cuz we spent 200mil, most of that money off the back of Player sales, why does he need to be under pressure, Roman better understand this, and even if frank has a bad season this year(As long he seems to have some control), but Roman sacks him, then go fk yrself Romen, u ain't know shit.

  15. Anish Jha says

    You see the match stats and boy, Brighton really competed with Chelsea.

  16. Jayraj Pareek says

    No talk about rlc.. pundits are biased toward English talent

  17. Robert Trujillo says

    What doesn’t get?? Kepa dropped Chelsea’s lifetime down 8 percent!

  18. Refo's Cover says

    Lampard is a future rapper

  19. Leonardo Ribeiro says

    Kepa reminds me of Roberto for benfica

  20. Mzpanda Gaming says

    werner make chelsea so strong 🦾

  21. Scott Snelling says

    We have to play strikes football Over the past 15 years only drogba and coaster have worked Different type of player now

  22. A 2Noncey says

    I expected abit too much from Werner and havertz styll

  23. Babyface Assassin says

    i guess im supporting chelsea this season

  24. dan allery says

    yea but 'ang abaaht

  25. the great veteran says

    I swear werner can speak English fluently

  26. Fabulous Izundu says

    Lovely Timo Werner

  27. Cosmic Lyrics says

    Truth has been said. Kepa should've saved it yes. But mount was to be blamed a bit too. And although Zouma and Christensen did really well in 1v1 situations. The whole team as a unit wasn't defensively sound enough. You can't let a guy like Dunk have a free header like that, you just can't. We fans put all the blame on kepa, and get away with it coz its easy to do that. But the truth is, you can play any GK in those sticks and we'll still end up conceding goals, coz the team as a unit doesn't perform on par defensively. Kepa makes mistakes, but its not a 100% his fault that we've been hammered time and again.

  28. Joseph Portocarrero says

    Lampard is wrong! …. playing Loftus Cheek … in the middle and not putting Havertz behind the striker instead was a gross error.Timo was excellent I can say we have the best striker for many years to come, but the mánager wrong ideas just stopped us of seeing a better and more productive debut of kai Havertz….But, How stupid Lampard can be?To play with one man less?   Loftus Cheek is a media product to steal Chelsea money! ….. Who idiot dont know that? …. No pace, no effort,  no speed,  no sacrifice, no correct positioning in the field, no team work, not a single creative pass to the strikers….. is this the first time we saw this? NO  …. Time again and again but the estupid mánager put him on the pitch 60 minutes and kept on the bench Ross Barkley? Is Lampard going to repeat the studborn actitudes of Conte to stick to certain players who are making their cereers based in manipulated headlines?We will see… Is Lampard studborn or not?

  29. Philip Guanbie says

    Werner is an excellent striker

  30. The Generalist says

    English can't speak english

  31. mutty link says

    It’s a earthquake when Pulisic come back

  32. Mesiack Mungaya says

    Loftus cheek was awful..he should have subbed early..

  33. mChannel says

    James and Lamptey were both playing their own game

  34. Mastermind says

    Kai Havertz should play as a CAM behind Timo Werner.

  35. Onyekachi Godswill says

    Werner will always be great

  36. Arowojolu Adedapo says

    Kepa makes to much mistake.. Da gea might make mistakes but some games. He saved the team. Big difference man

  37. Wilson23 says

    Werner is just sucking up to EPL fans. Sule and Boateng at Bayern are pretty massive defenders. Hummels at Dortmund is not a skinny CB either. BL has plenty of big physical defenders. And Ince is saying nonsense – Bundesliga teams play a lot of different formations. Bundesiga is more progressive league in terms of tactics (ask any tactical nerd). BL coaches can change formations during the game 2-3 times. Bundesliga doesn't have all teams playing one formation. Nonsense. I don't see where do Brighton have big massive defenders? LOL. Timo just being smart boy. More compliments to your bosses and fans of the league.

  38. Drew St'Clair says

    Paul once is correct….Chelsea need to toughen up physically in a few crucial positions, Ruben is a soft touch…kepa is a coward and afraid to put his body in a crowd or at the feet, he just wants shots directly at him and no one around him….

  39. Psycho Thinker says

    Play Kai in his position then judge him after 30 matches

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