Brilliant Barkley Bags Winner | Leicester City 0-1 Chelsea | Emirates FA Cup 19/20


Chelsea moved into the semi-finals of the Emirates FA Cup after beating Leicester City. Substitute Ross Barkley was on hand to score the winner at the King Power Stadium to put Chelsea through.

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  1. Easter Mcgee says බලාපොරොත්තුවෙන් ජීවත් වන්න

  2. Eavy Eavy says

    5 subs lol

  3. Kristina Gordon says නෑමම කොට්ටය තුළට වී බලා සිටියෙමි

  4. Sekar Utami says

    Chelsea we love, you yes we do?

  5. xiang jiang says

    this defense of Chelsea is garbage. Dave is not the choice of captain.

  6. Aarav Patel Gaming says

    I am a city fan so your all trash ?

  7. Kylie & Kardashians channel says

    I dont know how did chelsea won this game with Gilmour and Caballery in the first team,..and they both made lots of mistakes too.

  8. World Content says

    True statement “Architect of their own problems “

  9. Tamal Chakraborty says

    People were comparing Billy Gilmour with Andres Iniesta ???

  10. Paťaa says

    soyoncu lost it

  11. Rashmi Sahu says

    Kante blocked very nicely against ndidi

  12. Rashmi Sahu says

    I love chelsea one of my favourite team

  13. KL T says

    Leicester deserved to win but too many missed chances!!!!

  14. PrinceOfM4rs20 __ says

    Barkley driving up his transfer value. What a man.

  15. Kamal Hussain says

    Well done Chelsea

  16. Joyce Wangui says

    No gilmour again he has made lots of mistakes

  17. JP3 says

    Can’t believe Chelsea got away with that they were awful, Leicester deserved the win

  18. Watch Fun and Fans says

    I like the PlayStation croud sound resonance

  19. Tadhg Clifford says

    Wouldn't call Barkley brilliant after the go his passes were atrociousand he couldnt make up his mind who to pass it to

  20. Oppong Kwadwo says

    This is a promising chelsea team

  21. Masea Media says

    Great performance from Chelsea FC…???

  22. HITTHESPOT TV says

    Chelsea coming next year with ??????

  23. Joshua Sekar says

    Brilliant goal but it shouldve 2-0 if barkley put the selfish away

  24. Saint MTE says

    Someone please tell me how Vardy is looking like he's getting YOUNGER!!!

  25. Eben Eben says


  26. Gereksiz Cafe says

    Çağlaaaarrr ??

  27. Soccer Maniac07 says

    Billy gilmour was quite poor today ngl!

  28. Muclas Aldy says

    Help my chanel bro.

  29. Deerbra says

    Kante getting shrugged off the ball is a strange sight

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