1. 2010narutovssasuke says

    Sounds like something that would play in the background of a Poppy video.

  2. Ryan Kingham says

    This reminds me of the first c&c album

  3. Ganymede, Jupiter III says

    Definitely the vibe of something creepy coming out of a lab.

  4. Amos Maka says

    Vegeta: "So where are the REAL androids"?? Trunks: "That's them." Sees two underwhelming teens Vegeta: "Wow, you are just the grand central station of disappointment." Trunks: "How are these people friends with you"?? Tien: "Making a looot of assumptions."

  5. Rene Pellecer says

    Damn. I'm looking back 15-16 years ago when i saw the android saga. Man…good times

  6. JRacer524 says

    This song played when 17 killed Goku in his dream.

  7. David Barrios says

    Pretty creepy actually.

  8. Юрій Бондарчук says

    This song gives you that Zerg vibe.

  9. Link The God says

    no 18 dnt release him.

  10. Janishi Zitexion says

    they really wanted to give 17 and 18 the creepy vibe.

  11. The Rose in the garden says

    You listen to this creepy theme and to think one is a lovong mother and wife and the other is a Married Park Ranger with kids.

  12. Tony the C. says

    This theme song was recreated wonderfully in The Legacy of Goku II.

  13. Superhero18 says

    This theme so fits them, especially their future versions. Future 17/18 just didn't give a rat's ass and IMO were better villans than Perfect Cell.

  14. Ryan Buller says

    Gosh I was so young when I first watched dbz was good to watch the whole series over again

  15. e69alpha says


  16. thedragonborn101 says

    I remember this song best not from 17 and 18 but because the first few seconds of it played when perfect cell started to beat up Vegeta. It was my favorite episode, even though Vegeta was my favorite. Maybe because we saw a side of him seldomly seen, fear. The atmosphere that episode and the one after it were the best in my book.

  17. master0fgaming says

    android 18 pushed vegeta's shit in.. 🙁

  18. Abs9106 says

    lol… i was 8 years ago

  19. Abs9106 says

    Man i remeber watching that episode where trunks warned them about the androids. I spent so manynights in bed just thinking and imaginaning about what they're like. That description of their power and the story trunks told was too cool.

  20. Deivil007 says

    when i'm going to meet aliens this song should pop out

  21. lewisbmth says

    this one is creepy

  22. Merle Idunnowhy says

    I think this was sampled in Yu Yu Hakusho as well

  23. LOKBLUDOM3N says

    I hate the Red Ribbon

  24. behahve1 says

    Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiff! 😀

    Listen from 0:43 onwards that sounds so much like the Extended Promised Land!

  25. behahve1 says

    Android Eighteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!




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