BTS Ideal Types of Girlfriends With Extra More Info (Height, Weight,Age, Fashion And Looks)




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  1. hope world says

    I am half korean half Philippino is this a problem ?

  2. Israel Delos santos says

    But i know rm said age is just a number?

  3. Sarmila Rai says

    Jungkook wants an older girl cus sometimes he becomes a baby who always wants attention

  4. Kim Namjoon says

    Mom why didn't you make me earlier I'm just 14 you know ahhhh shit good make me my age little older

  5. 체서종 says

    Ok I'm jk type but im yongest that 6 years

  6. Yelloh says

    I know this is from 3 years ago now but I just wanna say that the youngest Hobi would date is actually 4 years, not 3 years! Coz the youngest year he'd date is 1998 which would be 4 years younger than him as he's a 94 liner 🙂

  7. Manne Vandana says

    Ideal type: thisIdeal type: thatWhen the right girl comesIdeal type: none…? ?

  8. srkh LHSein says

    i hate dresses. i not gonna where that things

  9. Maryam Quazi says

    Everyones saying they were born at the wrong time but i was born with the wrong weight ;-;

  10. bananamilk says

    wants a girl that is 40kg me: cries in 50kg

  11. Purna Mondal says

    I can't be any of these I be crazy better. I look for someone else who can love me am.

  12. SfGgukie's Diary says

    Age * *is not important-Jimin(-2020)

  13. 《Multistan》 says

    Yup. I-army will never make it ??

  14. 《Multistan》 says

    When youre 13 years younger than ur bias

  15. 《Multistan》 says

    Everyone is perfect. We just live in a judgemental society.-Kim Namjoon

  16. MyMochiKookie says

    I just came here because of the thumbnail and the video contain noth about it ☹️??

  17. Shoto Todoroki says

    Guys im 1.57 close to 1.61

  18. minx says

    im sad-i borned at 2005im not a korean/japaneseim 41kgim only 154cmbut i love myself because bts makes me do so- :D❤

  19. rebecca cantisani says

    si certo per le italiane è un po' difficile pesare 40kg a 25 anni XD di certo non siamo come le coreane che sono molto ma molto magre

  20. Sofia Conti says

    Im perfect for Suga! (But the age is wrong!)

  21. Keya Sangani says

    Me and jimin have 10 years gap and I m a bit shorter than him but i would do anything to make him feel good about himself and secure and tell him to not lose weight cuz he is perfect In my and armys eyes and not to stress about himself …thinking that I may have a little chance But it's never going go work …I know ????

  22. Tʀᴀsʜ Bᴀɢ says

    When everything describes you except that you are too young and that there’s a billion people and armys?

  23. Winter Bear says

    when your in your early teens and they like woman who are adults and are at their late teens:

  24. Joy Hope says


  25. Elizabeth_ da Queen says


  26. Kpop who? ? says

    Jimins ideal weight and height is 161cm and 40kg..I'm 170cm and 50kg….Welp guess i'll lose 10kg and get shorter..

  27. Anna James says

    When it’s taehyungs turn(bias)Me:I-I-I have a chance!!*Is the right ideal typeScreamsBut then suddenly remembers..Me:Wait….that 13 age gap tho….Is heart broken

  28. Alida Sardo says

    I'm Suga type but I'm 15 hahaha

  29. Cream_ Zaaa says

    Umm I i feel sad i am short ?

  30. Kxmon says

    1:12 that’s kookie… not Hosek

  31. Min YN says

    Me like 13 but am in korea 15 and my bias is suga but still too young look at jungkooks age Me: still too youngGot my hopes up that i like someone with my ageLooks at my crush ( creepy look?)Me: ( realizing that he has a girlfriend and that i look like a potato and that he doesn't like me)Looks at my girl crush ( me realising that she is straight)Me: AM GONNA DIE ALONE ???? (am bi btw ?????)

  32. Emiwaa says

    My bias is suga I am 150 cmI weigh 47.5And my age is ten……I mean close enough? But my age is like 10-16 years different. :/Welp hope all the members find a girl they can love and have kids with forever…. atleast they are happy 🙁

  33. My weave got snatched By jungkook is hip thrust says

    All of them want a girl that is underweight in it’s terrible i think they need to change the weight not because i’m more because there’s no way they like a girl that is tall in really skinny like with suga’s ideal type he wants a girl that is the same height as me in is 43 kg even tho i’m 48 kg there is really a big difference here…..

  34. Meghan says

    None of the members in bts have ever stated an ideal weight for their ideal girl. Also, as far as guys go you could weigh 200 pounds, if you look skinny they wouldn’t think anything of it. Unless it’s to the point where you’re getting unhealthy, the number on the scale is irrelevant. Especially if you’re someone who is more muscular. Also, we all have an ideal type. Do we always end up with that exact kind of person? No. That’s why it’s IDEAL. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance at all. If anything I would be worried about the fact that a majority of you are over a decade younger than them.

  35. ZhariaPlays says

    4:22 taehung too

  36. ZhariaPlays says

    3:37 oder: 1-2 years Me: oh ok ! 🙂 Younger: 1-5 yearsMe: WTH THIS MAN IS A PERVERTjimin: * in jail* What did i do wrong?!!! Me:* as the police* Do u really wanna know why?

  37. Emiko's_uwus says

    4:57 why pretty legs does jungkook have an obsession with pretty legs idk lol

  38. Mi Mi says

    Im so jelous of my sister,my sister is born on june1997 and jungkook is born on september 1997 ???

  39. Army only says

    2.Jung Hoseok Picture Jeon Jungkook ?????

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