BTS: The K-pop Group Dish On Their Favorite Dance Moves, Nicknames & More | Entertainment Weekly


BTS stars RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook share their favorite dance moves, which of them is the messiest and more.
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BTS: The K-pop Group Dish On Their Favorite Dance Moves, Nicknames & More | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Erika says

    New BTS single out on August 21st! Don't forget to check it out! We are going to get them that #1 on the hot 100!!! Make sure you buy the song if you can and if not to stream it as much as you can!!

  2. Raissa M says

    J hope’s drip tho?

  3. Saimah says

    i love when they speak korean in these type of interviews w/o RM having to translate

  4. ElPrimo Lejano says

    Stay Gold BTS !!!!! ?????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Nivedita S says

    You know,.. I hv started it using so much after my jin

  6. ً ris7 says

    rm: 'yeAH we'rE thE diRTY onEs'me: pFFT yeah plays 'expensive girl' and has flashbacks of jimin being dirty minded

  7. Reeyen says

    Jhope- i think Jimin.Jimin holds Namjoons hand and raises itNamjoon-Yeah were, were the dirty ones.XD

  8. worldwide funny guy says

    Jimin: take namjoon hand and raise up with himNamjoon: yeah! We are dirty oneMe: why it sound… Like… tf am I thinking

  9. ofgenerations says

    Someone get these boys a bigger couch ?

  10. lovely strawberry says


  11. 오수빈Oh Soo-Bin says

    "Yeah we're the dirty ones!"hell yeah you two are! (jimin and rm)

  12. K-pop Lina says

    Namjoon: Yeah, were the dirty ones Me:…..I knew it…

  13. xXJungshookieXx says

    When they said jimin and Namjoon are the dirty ones I was like “ you mean the dirty minded ones huh ?”

  14. sebaschan says

    0:25 jungkook was like: what a king

  15. Claire Mutapiri says

    j hope? crip walking? that ain’t j hope that’s jayquan ???

  16. Louise Artemis says

    Who's here having a BTS marathon? ???

  17. ggsooyoun says

    "Jungkook took a video of us going together on a trip, and I really like it."me: intense GCF in Tokyo flashbacks

  18. Min Yoongi says

    Minimoni:We're the dirty oneChoked w-what

  19. _베비리안니 says

    Why don't they ask Taehyung's Nickname, lolllll

  20. BlueHypothermicReality says

    This is a really good interview! No stupid cola question!

  21. angel. says

    I like this interview way more then other ones since they always ask the question who do you want to collaborate with where as this ones appeals to them as individuals and also there is a photo shoot

  22. Riddhima Singh says

    when jimin and rm said "were the dirty one" I thought it in the another way but I mean I am not wrong…

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