Buckyball: Tiny Carbon Soccer Balls


In 1985, scientists discovered that 60 carbon atoms could join up to form one big soccer ball shape: a buckyball! It’s a strange little molecule.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Carbon history:

Nobel Prize:
Buckyball solid:
Cancer bomb:

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  1. LiL Bar3 says

    What if I told you that I have a specimen that would blow your mind. Diamonds that form the buckyballs structure that creates the entirety of the specimen

  2. Lzy Life Guide says

    Please hurry the research on tumors along!

  3. BunyaBunya TV says

    charcoal is the best longevity food on the planet…it does nothing and i am a non scientist fuckwit trying to sound clever should have been his actual qoute…..the world is full of small minds especially in the fields of so called science…..it does so much it will take him 3 lifetimes to find outwhat , if his massive ego wasnt in the way and he cared about real actual pragmatic science!!

  4. L says

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  5. scott mckenzie says

    Make a new vid

  6. Zeenat Kelam says

    Honestly…I don't understand what are these C60 , C70 and whatnot stuff…can you upload a new video over this thing…please

  7. Doctor W. Richthofen says

    Imagine just one day you just saw someones head exploded.

  8. myflesh10 says

    What, no mention of the Rat study? Is this AMA/fda sponsored/produced? One of the greatest aspects of C60 and you dont even whisper about it

  9. j Nemes 65 says

    take the supplement: Shilajit, it has Carbon 60 in it and it's made by Nature

  10. Team Yahshua Org/TeamYahshua dot Org says

    The thing I haven't been able to find is, what did the rats eat during this study? And does that contribute to the longevity without tumors. As the first group had tumors when they died of old age…As one researcher said, we get the same results with the rats on a ketogenic diet, but when the food changed back to a McDonald's type diet, the rat tumor growth spiked overnight, while it was on a 40% decline…?So my question, which I have not found the answer to, is , does anyone know what food they were feeding these rats in the initial study?Also, why isn't anyone else asking that question? With such a study, one needs to look at everything, especially in the light of new studies attempting to replicate these results…

  11. Aptua says

    How did they identify how many protons were in C60 when they first discovered it?

  12. Srinivas Rao says

    Sir please take a breathe and it is not Bucky ? it is a BUCKY ⚽⚾?? and please dont confuse us. I think we were better than you….

  13. Jean Thornton says

    And, breathe!

  14. Michelle S. Vargas Fernández says

    Robert Curl: Okay, thanks.

  15. NoahRoams JA says

    Remember Vat19?

  16. Rose Purdy says

    Does shungite truly contain this allotrope natually?

  17. Randy C says

    C60PurplePower.comBeen using for a couple years. It's the most powerful antioxidant on the planet. No oxidation no aging.

  18. Red Rambo says

    but how does it make copper magnetic ?

  19. RONZY POTTER says

    Hey ??? It’s the crash course dude

  20. Itzarel Martinez says

    So diamond is now the secound strongest thing on earth

  21. Phuk Yu says

    i have dreams about this man.

  22. ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ says

    Wait, did you say bucky-bombs?Say no-mo!

  23. Exitium Tuum says

    A carbon atoms has 6 protons and not 12

  24. Jake ThompsonYT says

    Nice vid bro, look forward to future videos.

  25. Aaron Stanley says

    Lol all I can think off whenever I here him say buckyballs and Bucky bombs I think one piece

  26. Franchise Pitstop says

    Just Brilliant!! Great Vid!!

  27. Line Chaay says

    I like history leave my inbox alone.

  28. Cyber Knight says

    Fact: when in doubt, shoot lasers at it

  29. sk 2ube says


  30. William Mclaughlin says

    Do another video on graphene! We figured out how to mass produce it and man oh man does it have some awesome abilities!!!

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