Building healthy soil with ruminant animals.


Building healthy soil with ruminant animals. It all starts with management. Trampling carbon on the soil surface is money in the bank. Check out my books on our website: for more profitable grazing tips.

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  1. M seibert says

    here is south central texas, i rotate as much as we can, i do find that when i move them . Then i can shred the stuff they don't eat off high not to cut back grasses .and then i see them eat that when i move them back into that pasture,it must change the taste texture and such to make it more palatable thank Greg and crew..

  2. Douglas Nelson says

    Cedars are the breaks that all deer turkeys critters need just to make winter frozen months. Blocks left with no mans hands on a saw..Sasquatch need their nests ..i see your removing all winter warm zones. Down to thin. Strips 30 acres otmr more are needed for a deer herd too elk ..squirellls wood cock .evergreen wind block dense as a house is warmth..

  3. Matt Riser says

    When I was a kid my cousin and I got so covered in seed ticks that my aunt put us in the tub over our heads in a Clorox mix {it works}The next morning our hair was bleached, after breakfast she grabbed the clippers and shaved her heads. You don’t want to know what she did after we got sprayed by a skunk.

  4. Tam Moilliet says

    Trying to explain the benefits of high stock density grazing, daily rotation, and trampling up to 50% of the pasture has been the hardest thing for me to sell to the older generation. I can explain in detail the science and my observations, even showing the positive results of this method, my dad still can't see the benefits of this. It's sad how ingrained old beliefs cling in our minds. I'll convince him one day!

  5. Robert Regan says

    Careful with those chanterelles Greg, the false chanterelle looks VERY similar to the real thing – KNOW the difference. Plenty of YouTube vids on what to look for. The false one won't kill you, but it'll give you a belly ache and rip your insides up that may make you wish it had. Last year I bought a dozen 1/2 pecks worth at the local produce auction – turned out about 1/6 were false chanterelles.

  6. Brent says

    Thanks Greg, pleasure as always. Things are going good here, we started getting some good rain. Sheep and cattle are doing great, pastures are looking good. I started clipping my pastures here yesterday, I still have a lot of buckbrush where land was cleared. We also have a lot of lance-leaf and everything else you can imagine. Pastures are looking amazing though after I clip them about 10" high. Our grass is really starting to show some improvement where the sheep and cattle have grazed over and it has rested a few weeks. Clovers are really starting to come in nicely as well. The only problem is that it's addicting…I hardly want to do anything else but spend the day at the pastures with the livestock and dogs, lol.

  7. Emerson White says

    Ticks keep rodent populations under control.

  8. Clutch Cargo says

    Greg, some forward thinking farmers are using chevron crimpers to lay down a cover crop and make carbon just like you do with the cows. Then they use a no till seed drill to replant right into the layed down crop. There are many videos about this, here is just 1 of them.

  9. Arminda Comas says

    Carbon feeds the soil. It is the best way to build topsoil. Regenerative agriculture. Turns time back so much faster than anything else! God had it all figured out when he placed the herds roaming across the land. Good soil holds more rain and it will help to restore the underground water ways along with improving the soil so it can grow more vegetation that will feed more cows and more people. There are several farmers that have been working on this and the results have amazed scientists that could not believe that the soil is building up so much faster than anyone could believe. Ticks are created to feed the birds. I just wish we had more birds!

  10. Randy &Eppie at crosstimber boer goats says

    I seem some green tags in some of your cows nose what are they for

  11. larry moore says

    It's so enjoyable to see that lead cow come over the hill knowing that the mob will be closely behind her. I may never get that many but would love to a few so I could stand and smile like you. This year has been rough in Oklahoma with seed ticks and chiggers.

  12. Big Whane says

    Greg should we cull a couple cows. They are first calvers. They’re calves look good and thick but the cows are a little bit bony. The rest are fat. They have plenty of pasture

  13. Andrea Falconiero says

    Ticks are an excellent feed for ground birds. It's a great way to transfer nutrients from your ruminant animals to your chickens and turkeys. 😉

  14. Sue B aka Farm Girl says

    Greg, how do you manage sage brush thistles poison hemlock and other noxious weeds. Do you top on with a brush hog? Weedwack bad spots?to manage it in your grazing Pastures? I only have 2 groups of 3 cows grazing 15-20 acres and have some parts that got away from me.

  15. Camp 316 says

    Greg Awesome piece of advise at the end of video, God Bless.

  16. John Courtneidge says

    Thank-you.And the best way for all of us to stay safe is to share the love.Indeed, give the love!For The Common Good!

  17. Cedrexic Moseley says

    Greg they sure did many over tilled it to the dust bowl.

  18. Maverick says

    Greg, what’s the stock ratio on your farm? I’m in Ireland and farm 100 acres with 80 cattle 1.5 to 2 year olds.

  19. Honey Hollow Homestead says

    There are critter that eat ticks. But I can't figure out what use fleas are! ?

  20. Liberty Garden says

    Greg, I saw your mineral video a couple of days. Do you not think that weeds provide enough minerals not found in forages? Sometimes I see the cows eating weeds or tree leafs even though they have grass. I think they are getting their supplements fix.

  21. Elaine Johnson says

    Mmmm!! I like mushrooms!! Enjoy them!!??

  22. T.D. Hughart says

    Wonderful stuff ! Thanks for all you share.

  23. elizebeth parker says

    Watching your videos and reading your books made ranching seem possible. In April we bought 5 feeder rams to run on borrowed land. We look forward to moving them everyday. We are starting small and staying humble.

  24. LeLocle says

    Yes, land and cattle are true wealth!



  26. Clutch Cargo says

    ticks make you appreciate the butterflies and mosquito hawks, and all the others that make you smile.

  27. David Hickenbottom says

    Yellow jackets. I'm sure but not on my farm.

  28. Blue _ Boy says

    i'm checking of goals as we speak! Been looking at property this holiday, oh and i've been walking aswell. Since it keeps my body and mind in shape. Thanks for the short and handy video's

  29. James Marquis says

    Greg, the Herd seems really peaceful today. They look great!!!

  30. Tree Climbing says

    Greg, do you actively Remove the cows Horns ??

  31. Ron Tiemens says

    How do you keep the ticks off the cattle?

  32. Adrian Connell says

    60 day

  33. Adrian Connell says

    Greg For the 370 groupsWhat’s size field ?For how many days before they have to moved ?Are you saying you don’t graze out the fields?6 day turn around is double what we do over here in Ireland but we graze tight

  34. Chas MaTaz says


  35. Brian Peterson says

    Enjoy the shooms?

  36. O` Lima says

    Great advise!

  37. KK Tsunami says

    God, they are gorgeous! What a beautiful sight!! How much land do you calculate per day per cow?

  38. Nathan Nunley says

    Do you have any resource recommendations for doing this type of ranching in the arid southwest?

  39. Chris Phillips says

    Ask a crop farmer who much it costs to irrigate crops to get the crop established from bare soil every year. Greg has water stores to have water for the animals and he only buys hay for deep snow and sometimes to improve poor vegetation areas to facilitate diversity. All makes it possible he doesn’t have to spend well over tens of thousands of dollars for hay every year.

  40. Ty_ the_boss says

    This maybe a dumb question but how do you prevent inbreeding (mother-son/father-daughter) when you combine the herds?

  41. Dale Trayner says

    I love that cow. I love all my cows

  42. Conrad Homestead says

    Good education. Good advice at end ??

  43. Kate Medland says

    Hey Greg! My cattle and sheep are a summer away.What should I be doing to my fields to help promote the carbon on the ground to help prepare?Fencing is going up, but we are only here for the summer this year, preparing as much as we can for next year.Your opinion is highly valued. Wouldn't be doing this if we hadn't heard about you!

  44. Margaret C Kamaka says

    God Bless Aloha

  45. MrOrcslayer says

    The best way to get rid of ticks is have the chickens follow the cows.

  46. Josh M says

    I don't mean anything bad by this but all these folks talking about wasting grass is a clear sign they have not educated themselves on the lifecycles and nutrient cycles of a pasture. Otherwise they wouldn't be saying it, they do know that cattle eat grass though and that's about the jist of it.

  47. Vito Milillo says

    Thanks for the positive message as always. That’s the problem today instant success is what most people want. This is totally unrealistic!!! God bless

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