1. Nadeem Jumwani says

    no teacher u r wrong 1 byte =8 bits

  2. Varunika Srivastava says

    u explained it so easily ma'am

  3. Vital Vidiyala says

    Great english Gud explanationHats off to your talent madam

  4. MysticMylese says

    what happens when we clear the cache on a device or application

  5. Marco André Schmidt says

    I really enjoy it, thanks. You have a pleasent accent in English too

  6. kiron sk says

    What is the process bus?

  7. Abdelaali KHARDAZI says

    if i have 4 bit data …what would be the with of add bus ?


    Mam please explain bus operation.in CA

  9. m.alaiady says

    why Indian always says a " .. is nothing but .. "

  10. Harshit Ahuja says

    Lot of flaws …


    Can u explain connection between processor and system bus

  12. Balti Nawaz says

    Is nothing but…😂😂😂😂

  13. Ritika Shishodia says

    1 byte = 8 bit

  14. Hemanth says

    At 11:26 How 16bits is related to 64k

  15. Hemanth says

    1 byte = 8 bits

  16. Hemanth says

    Y address bus is unidirectional

  17. MR PANDEY says

    4 BIT = 1 BYTES LOL

  18. Vikas Kumar says

    Thanks for verry easy explained the buses

  19. Ragula likitha Likitha says

    1 byte= 8bits

  20. Fathima Abdulmuthalif says

    Is bus architecture and common bus are same or not?

  21. Kumaravel Rajan says

    8080 has 16 bit address bus and hence 64k address space. Is this because 2^16 is 64k?

  22. Kaviya C says

    Thank you mam

  23. Xpert Strategist says

    Well explained. Thank you for this.

  24. JE says

    your way of teaching is very nice.can u plz upload videos related mca 1sem of 2019 syllabus.

  25. Syed Ali Bukhari says

    Wonderful xplaination….Great job Maam

  26. Nikhil Pandey says

    Excellent effort but use a good pen

  27. Ahmed Hbaieb says

    whenever you feel lost bc your teacher can't explain shit in class there is always that indian dude/woman on youtube for help namaste <3 thank you !

  28. Strawberry OoO says

    Why aren't there any English subtitles, it would've been more convenient for me because I normally prefer Watching at mute

  29. Monty Trei says

    Very helpfuf

  30. Eduardo L says

    Thank you for posting this video!

  31. V. Karthika Rani Veeriaha says

    Coa chapter model question pls post mam thnk u for ur class useful

  32. Elvin James says

    pis deilsen yox

  33. ece rocks says

    what is virture memory ?

  34. Suhrab Sharifi says

    You are the olnly best teacher

  35. Jasdeep Dhaliwal says


  36. Mofifoluwaso Adegboye says

    System buses normally have 96-192 lines


    mam bus aapki jo english hai vo samajhne mai bhut problem hoti baki sab bhut aacha hai yaar nhi aati hai to hindi mai bhi chalega kyoki aapke pdane ka tarika aacha hai

  38. saad khan says

    4 bits= 1nibble, 8 bits= 1 byte

  39. Ramesh Mannam says

    Very good explanation.But 1byte=8 bites

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