Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide


Cairo.. the largest city on the African continent and home to the last remaining ancient wonder of the world. So many people dream of standing in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, but the fear of unfamiliarity in a turbulent Middle East leave many tourists asking the same question.. is it safe? My name is Ricky Moreno and I’m gonna show you the most popular tourist attractions in the city, and all the reasons why I love Cairo!

0:55 – Airport Arrival
1:33 – Tahrir Square
2:31 – The Pyramids
4:54 – Riding A Camel At The Pyramids
6:33 – The Citadel
8:29 – Al Azhar Park
9:12 – Call To Prayer
10:18 – The Egyptian Museum
11:53 – MUMMIES
12:35 – Entering A Tomb In Saqqara
15:21 – Nile River Cruise
17:26 – Khan Al-Khalili Market
19:11 – Ramadan

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  1. MOODY NOOR says

    Cairo largest city on African for sure many people dreams visits Egypt

  2. Pakistan Vlog says

    Nice video bro

  3. Adam Ahmed Atia says

    Pizza hut, man?????

  4. Satish Nayak says

    fantastic video

  5. Jencikova Jenkis says

    this is Tim K 's brother!

  6. Elizabeth Cozma says

    Beautifully done

  7. The Niqab Girl says

    you know I have never felt safer in the world than in Egypt…since the very first moment I arrived to Egypt, the peace came to my heart and soul..your video is very beautiful btw…keep this work

  8. Gace says

    One day God willing ill visit Egypt ??

  9. WilBilly says

    Oh my gosh that jump scare ?


    inshallah i can go there

  11. Alan Patey says

    Poor effort…Yanks shouldn't be allowed to travel really. Hopeless.

  12. Leondre 68 says

    outro song please

  13. pirate1012 says

    Cairo is the one city i'd never want to return to. The second you step out of your hotel people with accost you. I never felt safe.

  14. Bryan Smith says

    This channel deserves 10 million subscribers. The production quality is second to none.

  15. b k says

    you make the best travel videos

  16. stevo728822 says

    You need to get a head lamp.

  17. stevo728822 says

    I feel sorry for that camel having to carry a fat American. But great video.

  18. Chris Miedema ΑΝΤΙΦΑ Αθήνα says

    15:20 ?

  19. FloFlo says

    15:18 ..I feel good du ru du ru du ru du

  20. Ruby Red says

    Nice video. Thanks

  21. MO Co_oP says

    Bro.. I have to say it your video is so cool

  22. Lil Ashraf says

    New modern cities in the east and west of Cairo that you guys have to vist. They are really amazing

  23. Mahmoud Sabry says

    Welcome in my country, We say in Egypt If you drink from the Nile river you'll come back again.?

  24. Omar Alaa says

    Pyrmids in giza not cairo

  25. Fawaz Fawaz says

    Cairo is a city that does not sleep, especially old Cairo. Egypt is a beautiful country, but there is one drawback that there is some exploitation in the price, especially for the tourist.

  26. matthew_boi123 says

    sorry for all the people but that was long time ago i don't think its still the same … I'M JUST JOKING IT BECAME MORE BETTER (i'm egyptian btw ) c:

  27. Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies says

    Great travel guide of Egypt, Cairo.

  28. Kim Zimmerman says

    2 concerns…My feet and legs always swell when I fly. I have never flown that far. (US to Egypt). Should just try to save the money for the cost of a very comfy first class flight for 2?…. Second question… Take a UBER everywhere that is too far to walk? (like from Giza to Cairo) (are there guides that can just stay with you and take you around?)…Thx…Love your video.

  29. Kim Zimmerman says

    Thank you so much for this video. I am planning a 2 week vacation for myself and my brother, and I now have some tips. We definitely want to stay in Giza (closest to the pyramids), ride camels, go to the museum and mummy room, and sail the Nile. What great prices. Can't wait to go and shop and just take it all in at the park that you went to…Thx again

  30. Sir. Fender says

    Great videos! Please bring more.

  31. Maxsem Pachino says

    Allah always keeps Egypt safe and famous it’s such a beautiful and great place in the world and also In my heart a big love from Afghanistan

  32. karim magdy says

    My American ex GF used to think before coming to see me in Egypt that we live in tents and ride camels loool, now she wants to come every year ?Hope you enjoy my lovely country and enjoy every bit of your visit ?A POUD EGYPTIAN

  33. Sayed Kamel says

    You are welcome.. What a great video. Thanks for you مرحبا بك في مصر

  34. Jackeline A. Torres Ortiz says

    OMG crazy to go!

  35. oleo diesel says

    muito bom documentario, apesar de ter focado em demasia o criterio comercial da cidade e menos o monumental ou cultural, mas nada a desejar, parabens autor do canal.

  36. oleo diesel says

    17:49- lindos gatos angorares.

  37. oleo diesel says

    16:48- este egypcio lembra um indiano ou tibetano, mas sei que eh mulçumano pela colonização do país.

  38. oleo diesel says

    11:09- estas estatuas/esculturas egypcias lembras as correspondentoes das religioes umbanda e candomblé, os orixás e exús aqui do brasil estilizados com vestes diferentes mas com mesmo semblante.

  39. oleo diesel says

    9:21- as construções desta cidade antiga lembram as construções aglomeradas do brasil e america do sul como argentina e uruguay, sendo muito remota a sensacionalista elegancia de cidade evidenciada nos dramas e suspenses hollywoodianos como a mumia, indiana jones, stargate, o rei scorpiao, deuses egypcios, cleopatra, o egypcio, os 10 mandamentos.

  40. oleo diesel says

    o narrador deveria ter uma versao deste video em portugues ou lgendas em portugues ou espanhol, pra facilitar ouvintes do brasil, portugal e paises iberos.

  41. Crystal says

    When COVID ends I am going to Egypt! Hopefully 2021!

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