Cajun & Creole Food – 6 Dishes to Try in New Orleans! (Boudin, Beignets and more!)


Cajun & Creole Food – 6 Foods to Try in New Orleans, Louisiana! – We’re spending some time outside of New Orleans, so we HAD to drive in to try some of the city’s iconic cajun and creole dishes. This might be one of our most delicious food tours yet!

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— Here are all the restaurants we visited and the price of each dish: —

Mother’s Restaurant: 
$7.00 Seafood Gumbo
$6.75 Jambalaya
$8.50 Crawfish Étouffée 

$6 Boudin

Cafe Du Monde: 
$2.75 Beignet

Three Legged Dog: 
$16.00 Crawfish boil 

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  1. The Endless Adventure says

    We hope you enjoyed this delicious day! If you'd like to see more food adventures around the world, make sure you subscribe ~~> We post new travel videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

  2. Tyler Doucet says

    Jambalaya is cooked with rice, the others the rice is added when served

  3. Tyler Doucet says

    Red jambalaya is a big fail, its only for tourists…

  4. TheTowaway says


  5. Mighty Empress says

    Idk how you guys share all your food I guess by looking at your slim figures it makes sense I’d be fighting with my bf over who got the last bite ???

  6. Marcos Lucio Silva says

    helloi cam herenovamente!! again!!!!asdljfaosjdhnfoajshf

  7. JC JB says

    Gumbo is a soup, étouffée is more like a stewed gravy, étouffée means smothered. You put rice on top of gumbo, you pour étouffée over rice. They shouldn't be the same consistency at all.

  8. RawGab says

    the Sampler @ Mother's looked soo good

  9. Oliver Sinden says

    Luv cajun only ever tryed it over here in the UK probably alot better in lousiana and new Orleans were it originated usually always is

  10. Movie Hats says

    You need to learn how to suck heads.

  11. Lille Shaw says

    I love love New Orleans ♥️

  12. Leah Mullee says

    Happy anniversary!

  13. benvolio mozart says

    Jumbalaya always makes me think of the famous song of the same name from Fats Domino.

  14. Mercedes Wilkins says

    Lovely New Orleans before the corona.

  15. Merna Albert says

    How too cooking l try

  16. Arman says

    I just went to New Orleans for the first time last week and fell in love with the food. I hope you guys tried alligator also! I had blackened alligator as well as an omelette with alligator sausage and they were amazing

  17. RA6162 says


  18. Ryan Coulter says

    I’ve been going through all these ‘what to eat in NOLA’ videos and NOBODY has mentioned DEEP FRIED ALLIGATOR! Tastes like chicken! Great with dirty rice!

  19. Ryan Coulter says

    Mother’s is not bad for breakfasts. But if you order eggs and ‘debris’ (shredded roast beef) prepare to eat a breakfast the size of your grandma’s Sunday dinner. RIP FQ Camellia Grill

  20. vanessa Rocktressa says

    I have a broken thumb ..I cannot peel my crawfish…I need a man to hand feed me.

  21. Irene A says

    I go to New Orleans once a year around Mardi Gras; love it! The food is always soo tasty and I love the service. Our go to stops are at ACME for char grilled oysters and Mr. B’s Bistro Solid food

  22. Michael Isaza says

    they didn't suck the heads

  23. Joyce Todhunter Scroggins says

    We need to go. Thank you

  24. Moses The Prophet says

    It’s like someone coming to America and going to try a hamburger and going to Wendy’s, not the same.

  25. CMB13311 says

    Mother's is absolutely fantastic.

  26. Ms Iam Everythang says

    Mother's Restaurant is overrated plus not all that taste or service wise (imo), I know this video is 2+ years old now, but hopefully you got to try AMCE Oyster House at 205 Bourbon st

  27. Ron Primeaux says

    And both of you wore black shirts to Cafe Du Monde. Enjoyed the video.

  28. Ann-Marie says

    Looked so good! Can't wait to try it for myself.

  29. dsouthgal says

    I am so glad y’all tried authentic food! I Uber drive and hate when people tell me the are McDonald down here! I’m like all this good food and your eating McDonald’s

  30. dsouthgal says

    The only dish Cooke with rice is jambalaya. The other two are pour over!

  31. TNT Kilow74 says

    I hate when white people eat things with silverware that not supposed to be eaten with like a fork & knife with pizza or hamburger or a fucking donut! I hate white college people. So fucking stupid lol.

  32. Lisa Adams says

    Ya can't watch this video

  33. Lisa Adams says

    Uuum the crawfish étouffée is put over the rice. And the holy trinity is what they call it.

  34. Bill Palmer says

    14 of us went to Mother's the food was horrible very amateurish, we tipped the waiter 20% but left the food on the table , all of it. The red rice tasted like white rice with a can of Campbell's soup poured in it, and it was gummy ugh. i make Cajun and Creole food much better and I'm not from NOLA. Mother's ugh.

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