California Road Trip TRAVEL GUIDE | BIG SUR


What to do in CALIFORNIA | Big Sur. In this California travel guide these are my top things to do in California while on a road trip through big sur!

Huge thanks to Visit California for partnering with me on this travel series! Plan your own California road trip here!  

Places visited in this video: Monterey County, SLO CAL (San Luis Obispo County), Ventura, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach

Hotels we stayed at on this trip: Big Sur River Inn, Pasea Hotel & Spa, The Kinney, Inn at the Pier

Hotels Stayed at:
The Kinny
Big Sur River Inn
Pasea Hotel

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018
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  1. Erik Conover says

    In this leg of the road trip we go from Big Sur down to Huntington Beach and meet up with some California LEGENDS. Comment below if you are from California or if you have ever done a road trip through the State. The FINAL episode will be from JOSHUA TREE

  2. Victoria Elajami says

    Check out this Napa Valley Video!

  3. zipp930 says

    It is said that if Hearst invited a celebrity to his castle and they didn't go, he would end their career. Fun guy.

  4. Johnny Kubelka says

    Great video!!!! You should do a video with Natalie Oman

  5. Ashwin Jha says

    The Bridge in thumbnail is exactly what you find in GTA 5

  6. Ignacio Aguirre says

    Isnt that second dude in david dobrik vlogs or am i tripping

  7. Tomi Loveless says

    asshole the big sur coast is covered up with people because of jurks like you


    Awesome bro. Love the videos. Check mine out of Big Sur and jade cove

  9. Tom Devonshire says


  10. Tracey says

    Visited California for the first time 2 weeks ago. San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley to be exact. I’m so ready to visit again. I have to visit Big Sur, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, and San Diego.

  11. Noureldain noureldain says

    Macos big sur

  12. Pooh da pooh says

    I'll Move to Califonia

  13. Brahim Afif says

    We have more than big Sur in Morocco

  14. Suvee says

    Who comes here after macos Big Sur?

  15. Manojgaming 07 says

    Apple Mac Os Big sur

  16. Karthik Bhat says

    Road Trip is Always Fun… Good video!!

  17. Mike Saw says

    Amazing !!! california is beautiful…

  18. Jeiana Lottie says

    Welcome to our state y’all

  19. Super 8 Monterey CA says

    Amazing ride!! california is Amazing…

  20. Emma Swanson says

    it's definitely photoshopped

  21. Superfastjellyfish says

    LA is overrated

  22. Stephanie Stoven says

    I live 2.5 hours away from Big Sur and have never been!!!! After quarantine is over I’m going!

  23. Abinaya Ruthiraswaran says

    Wanna visit Big Sur one day. It looks so beautiful 😍

  24. Wild Flower says

    8:01 the most STUNNING part of the video… Daaaayuuuum your twin bother dude is so effing fine!!!!!! OmG xoxoxo

  25. Tom Hirtreiter says

    Nice video! My wife and I went out there to visit our son. Loved Route 101. Here is a short video I put together from our trip.

  26. Diego Dagnino says

    Wonderful trip and awesome footage! Have you got a special authorization to fly your drone there? I’ll be there in a few days and I would like to fly mine too!

  27. PinkyBear says

    The coastline on the way to Big Sur was definitely a sight to see.

  28. AD says

    Hey! Your video about California inspired me a lot & that's why I tried to created one too. My quality on my video isn't well adapted but you can check my previous cinematics travel videos about Japan, Italy, Sri Lanka… Check it out here: & feel free to give me advice!

  29. Jay M says

    Natives: my state is so beautiful. I’m so glad to be here. Gosh I’m so lucky to live in LA. I love it here!!!

    Out of towner: I hope to move to LA one day.

    Native: It’s dirty. It’s too many people. I hate it here. It’s too expensive and I can barely live… I’m trying to leave. Stahp moving here!!!

  30. Speed of Smoke says


  31. revadan says

    traveled this coastal road last year BUT be prepared, limited gas stations and price is like x3.

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