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The University of Cambridge is one of England’s greatest universities. There’s no main campus – instead, the university’s many colleges are scattered throughout the charming town center. Many colleges welcome the public to browse around.

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  1. Jono Pyle says

    When you talked about timing the speed of sound, you were at St John's College cloisters, not the actual one where he did it in Trinity

  2. Jono Pyle says

    Why did you show the wrong colleges when you talked about them? And I saw quite a bit of Oxford there as well… not great

  3. Who Cares says

    Cambridge University employs hateful, bigoted, anti white professors. Look up Priyamvada Gopal.

  4. Emmet O'Leary says

    At 1:43, that would appear to be Trinity's Great Court, not King's.

  5. PleyTheGreat says

    PleyTheGreat was here

  6. Prithom Debnath says

    My Dream

  7. Eyeofthetiger says

    So Trinity college alone actually produce more than 30 Nobel prize winners, that's more than most countries combined!

  8. Eyeofthetiger says

    Did Hitler come to an arrangement with Churchill not to bomb Oxford and Cambridge? Just imagine the consequences!

  9. Mandy Ash says

    l love Cambridge.

  10. Milky Way says

    Кому задоли это на карантине ?

  11. Alison Barton says

    I spent some of my summer last year at Cambridge (Clare College) and I miss it EVERY DANG DAY! What a BEAUTIFUL place!

  12. Diego Quispe Yufra says

    like si vienes del cultural

  13. James Naughton says

    Nice summary, but I feel compelled to point out that locations in Oxford crept into the footage: 01:22 is Lincoln College and 01:31 is Christ Church.

  14. Anaam Fahad says

    I wish to visit into Cambridge. The beauty is excellent and amazing. The English is very good and Its Dictionary.

  15. David C says

    Cambridge is the birthplace of Dame Olivia Newton-John

  16. Per Person says

    I'v tried to punt… failed with that

  17. Cornelia Nana says

    hope, i can go to college there someday ❤️?

  18. Dinara Iskandarowa says

    I hope to read to Oxford University!??????and I often dream about my future!?‍?

  19. Sergio Santos says


  20. mryoheylol says

    1:40 That isn’t King’s, that’s Trinity (Great Ct) ?

  21. Lillian Smith Whyte says

    Awesome ? thanks for sharing ❤️☕☕❤️

  22. Scoot says

    The weird thing about trinity is that Henry is holding a chair leg!

  23. emma carter says

    Hire a boat!!! It's a punt not a boat, I'm from Cambridge have lived here all my life, if you want to "hire a boat" book the river boat Georgina. What was shown was a chauffeured punt and it's much more fun (and cheaper) to do the punting yourself.

  24. Steve MetalHammer says

    I went to Cambridge. It was about 5 `o` clock in the morning of September the 1st 1985 and I was returning home by train from a trip to Rome. Actually I guessed the date, only knowing it was a Sunday probably in September 1985….

  25. Alex Aez says

    The dislikes of this video were from the students of Oxford

  26. smart move view it says

    Nice one from you …..

  27. Veera says

    The great mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan from India

  28. Hadir khan says

    This is my dream uni

  29. Iole Romeo says

    Spero che la Brexit inglese venga annullata.

  30. Great Life says

    Great university

  31. 1000 With No Videos Nepali π says

    This is my dream uni. I hope I will get accept.

  32. Nyonya E says

    Kalau udah jodoh gak akan ke mana. Kampus impian gw, tp belum berani deketin, ?

  33. Andy Lee says


  34. David ! says

    Cambridge > Oxford

  35. TheRenaissanceman65 says

    This is far too generalised. Churchill and Robinson colleges don't look like this as they are much newer. They certainly can't have centuries of heritage. And please learn how to pronounce "Principia". It's a hard c.

  36. AmandaMenghe says

    Britain is an amazing country.

  37. Trust Joe says

    Rick can punt me anyday

  38. KT Ng says

    I will return to this Great place someday

  39. Steffany K says

    lol, that phone ring at the beginning.

  40. smallsoldiersy says

    loveely and best video …. cmabridge too close to my heart

  41. smallsoldiersy says

    Wow it was a delight to see that this video is Rick sirs. i just clicked for cambridge university

  42. Adam P says

    The first ever game of modern rules football was played in Cambridge.

  43. Adam P says

    0:08 Cambridge’s oldest college is Peterhouse which was founded in 1205.

  44. Digidojo says

    I was there in Sept. 2018 and it was quite nice. The King's College Cathedral is definitely worth a visit along with the Eagle Pub. The Corpus Clock is located right outside the gate to the cathedral and courtyard.

  45. Mohammad Kalimullah Al Ahad says

    ঐতিহাসিক 🙂

  46. Arjun Neupane says

    0:29 IELTS listening test

  47. Andy Lee says


  48. Talha Malik says

    Have been silently merging the knowledge through you as far as you could give.. massive and humble respects to you Steve

  49. Phương Lan Nguyễn Thị says

    Wish I can visit there someday.

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