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In this episode of Waking Up With, we tap global style influencer Camila Coelho for her best morning beauty hacks and makeup routine during fashion week. Watch Coelho start her day with a quartz facial roller (before she’s even peeled back her sheets), mix matte foundations to achieve her perfect shade, and sub jet black eyeshadow for liquid liner.

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  1. ELLE says

    What was your favorite part of Camila's routine? Who should we wake up with next?

  2. Camila Mickelson says

    puts green foundation on

  3. xoana Rubinos Cillero says

    Her foundation is yellow?

  4. Mar Lopez says

    Llege tarde??

  5. You'll never know me because this is the internet says


  6. Grace Azar says

    I have the same foundation

  7. Alayna Adam says

    Who realised she didn’t wash her face of brush her teeth

  8. Kristcornejo says

    The make up reminds me to kardashian style

  9. Raelyn Lawson says

    Girl you don't need makeup to be pretty

  10. 許哲競 says

    That’s a dirty ass beautyblender lmao

  11. Alexandra Spivak says

    tell me im not the only one that saw camila CABELLO and thought, thats not-

  12. Métisse D’Ibiza says

    I love this girl

  13. beau gilasbey says

    How many times can you say fashion week In a video

  14. Bimal Mallick says

    can someone teach me how to live on fruits for breakfast?

  15. Sweet girl says

    She's Brazilian

  16. Amalia Viridiana Silva Leon says

    Beautiful and classy¡

  17. XX Aries xx says

    accidentally read camilla Cabello

  18. Kala Moss says

    I feel like the whole “switch up your products or your body will get used to them and become ineffective” has to be a myth-especially in skincare and makeup. If it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?

  19. SharonC43 says

    I don't know who this woman is but I like her voice and her routine. Except she has GORGEOUS natural hair and skin! Stop doing things to them please!!

  20. BethanyViolet says

    I can’t with these people in the comments, if she wants to wear makeup and that’s what makes her happy then she can do that! She has a very pretty face and naturally pretty skin but if she wants to wear makeup, wear makeup!!

  21. chrissy b. says

    She is very pretty but oH gOd tHaT fOuNdAtIoN

  22. patrick jensen says

    The name Camilla is such a attractive name

  23. Cloak And Dagger says

    I wake up stretch, eat oatmeal with fruit, protein shake, then moisture, do my hair, get dressed THEN LEAVE. Lol

  24. Lana Huzjak says

    I see now- she wanted to look like Shrek after putting that foundation on…

  25. YanaPoohPretty says

    Who else thought it said Camila Cabelo ( sorry if i spelt it wrong)

  26. Puppycat says

    Her: wakes up with perfect hairMe: wakes up with nest

  27. Chloe M says

    who wakes up with their hair brushed and silky? NOBODY!!!!!! that just proves these videos are FAKE!!

  28. no name says

    Wait wait why didn't she wash her face or brush her teeth before diving into makeup

  29. Adirondack Lover says

    Why when she wakes up her hair is perfect… I wish my hair was like thay

  30. SUSANA Sá says

    Não se pronuncia LANIGE mas sim LANÉGE ??

  31. Tamar Sammour says

    Wake up with zendaya and Selena Gomez

  32. Tamar Sammour says

    You did not brush your teeth Ew

  33. jocelynn .alcala says


  34. Life with Maria says

    she’s a celebrity from brazil i was born in brazil my mom too she won’t stop watching her lol

  35. Butterfly says

    People saying „If I had skin like this..“ she said a few times that it is Fashion week. Do you go to Special Events without make up?! Especially if it is your job

  36. Butterfly says

    First I also thought that the foundation looks weird. Then, when she stands in Front of her clothes, you can see that her make up is very nice. And also when you do your makeup it always looks so much in the beginning then after a few minutes you skin absorbes more and it looks good

  37. Grace King says

    She did NOT wake up with her hair that straight, impossible ?

  38. Boitumelo Monaune says

    She was more beautiful before applying make up

  39. Lana Elise says

    When she got up and I first saw her face I was ooohhh gurl we twins. I got chubby cheeks too. And then I saw her face again and I was like nope goodnight I stayed up to late

  40. Gamer Girl Katniss says

    Me: Crazy hair and Terible Eyebrows Her: Perfect hair and Eyebrows! ?LMAO

  41. Alina A says

    All these models are so gorgeous.

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