Can HULK STOP THE TRAIN in GTA Games? (GTA 5, GTA 4, San Andreas, Vice City & GTA III). Let’s find out!

Using the HULK Mods & Avengers Endgame Skin (GTA V), we’ll trying stopping the train in different ways in GTA Games to find out which one can be stopped!

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  1. ENXGMA says

    Don't forget to drop a like on the video & Subscribe with Notifications ON if you don't wanna miss the next one! 🙏& Follow me on Twitter!

  2. Shree Vishnu Sharma says

    In every video he will upload recently he will put this music only why

  3. Aryan Choudhary says

    3 : 12 are you doing potty on train

  4. Aryan Choudhary says

    Gta 3 hulk : I cannot stop a toy train Gta 5 hulk : be real hulk don’t wear costoume

  5. Free dom mine says

    Who Would Win? A big green guy that can destroy stuffVs one indestructible monster~4:07

  6. min hoseok says

    3:11 slavic squating

  7. Deepika sharma says

    It seems like he makes these videos to roast GTA 3.

  8. Dylan Casas says

    Bro this video is a wast of time nothing can stop the train just stop

  9. Look under your bed says

    did it took one year to make this video?

  10. haider abbass says

    GTA 3 hulk is just cluads in green paint

  11. Apurv Prakash says

    I always thought trains are immortal in GTA. They can only be derailed but can't be destroyed.

  12. Peter Markwood says

    Me:- I have never heard that we can use the hulk character in vice city😢😢At that same time I thinking:- why my friends did not tell me that???😠

  13. Angry birds studio says

    This video show body abs six pack is nothing power is all thing

  14. Mukesh Variya says

    3:11 toilet time everybody get out

  15. yiğit temürcü says

    Holk smash

  16. Andres The Cosmic Guardian says

    My first bet I chose is Hulk. Suddenly, failed. 🤣My second bet was the damn train, and WTF, Hulk finally stopped it! 😂

  17. King Of rogon says

    green version

  18. Jalapeno says

    0:17 lol gta 3's hulk is a weakling hahaha🤣🤣🤣

  19. Huma Syed says

    Gta 3 hulk is not powerful

  20. GamingBooT says

    Awesome Intro

  21. Hermes Cardozo says

    "All we had to do was stop the damn train Hulk"

  22. Kenan David Man-on says

    What about gta 6 mod hulk


    I dint watch this but my watch history watch wtf is my acc got hacked!!

  24. Clint J. says

    all you had to do was stop damn train!

  25. 1DKMYN4M3 YT says

    1:08 Train.exe has stopped working

  26. sebastian gualteros says

    and THIS 4:55

  27. sebastian gualteros says

    and this again… 4:53

  28. sebastian gualteros says

    look this again 4:48

  29. sebastian gualteros says

    look this time to video 4:46

  30. Rada Na says

    Nerf the trains

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