Can the iPhone shoot Travel Vlogs? | Switzerland 4K


I shot our recent travel vlog in Switzerland using the iPhone 11 Pro. I think it really shows mobile filmmaking is a great way to start making video today. If you want to learn how to make a living with your camera, then checkout my free training:

Our Flight Got Cancelled – Escaping Switzerland:

Hotels visited – White Pods Hotel, The Lausanne Palace, and Hotel Palafitte

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  1. Escrowhale says

    Imagine having a super hot girlfriend and traveling to the most beautiful places on earth with her wowwww luckyyyy

  2. aparna ray says

    Yeah the drone shots are also shot in IPhone

  3. Yvette Ishimwe says

    Yesss, thanks for saying this , this video quality is amazing, I also filmed my video on my iPhone 11 and I think as starters, we don’t need expensive equipments.

  4. Omar Bawa says

    Are you still around? I’d love to show you around or back back soon

  5. Travel diver says

    Nice one

  6. ben Labio says

    Was this shot before pandemic? Ot they dont have covid cases there ?

  7. King Raees Saerga says


  8. Matruprasad Parida says


  9. Gorkhali Bandana says

    Wow ? ?☃️Amazing Place View And Awesome Vlog ???✅❣️❤️????

  10. City Tour says

    Yhi chlo

  11. Ahmed Mostafaa says

    Bro do you use selfie camer while vlogging with your face? Or you use the back uktra wide for it?

  12. Aryan Aditya says

    What a vlog I really enjoy this , tysm , lots of love from India

  13. Andreas T says

    Yes, Switzerland is expensive, but worth it. Try to find a rental room or apartment in a region like Interlaken, buy your groceries in the shops and get a Swiss Travel Pass. From Interlaken you can head out to Lauterbrunnen, Lausanne, Geneva or the peaks easy by train. The public service here is clean and excellent. The Swiss Travel Pass will include trains, buses and trams in 90 cities and most cable cars and lake ships.

  14. Juju Gurgel says

    Welp, they need to make flying iphones already

  15. Bukie Mansyur says

    ur girl looks like billie eilish

  16. Passion Centre says

    Amazing video love it

  17. KC vlogs says

  18. Amuthan Vethanayagam says

    @9:50 That background! WOW!

  19. Michelleeechang says

    What microphone did you use?

  20. Daniel Merrido says

    Fresh and restfull vlog. Thank you =)

  21. Cristian Salmeron says

    That edit @5:21 lol ? Awesome video guys!!

  22. jesse ted says

    Have you heard Gulmarg before ? More beautiful then any other place.

  23. RocketLR says

    I hope you didn’t use the sauna with the robe once it heated up ?

  24. Gbrl Rblx says

    Her accent is so annoying.. is almost like Sophia vergara's but thicker.. a lot thicker… blawww

  25. Kapoor M10 says

    Woowwww dear supppeeerrrrbbbbb?????????I like both of u nd ur travelling vdos????????Hope I nd the person whom I love, will travel the world like this?2 love birds flying in the air of love nd playing in the lap of mother nature is the best feeling ever!Hope both of u remain the same till the doomsday?

  26. Ernest Loh says

    buddy did you use front camera for your talking headshots on the iphone?

  27. Jack .S says

    10:16 I wanna be high at the place right there lol.

  28. 王泽华 says

    omg it's so beautiful

  29. Anamaria Ciocotisan says

    So amazing ?

  30. Philip Moffett says

    How'd you get there, during lockdown!!?

  31. Cinematic Ceylon says

    Nice place wow

  32. Harshith Chawla says


  33. TourYes says

    we've travelled to many places but never had any fancy camera… just our trustee mobile phones…

  34. Mustafa Hashem says

    your whole video so cute… I wish I will do one day….so more hope…carry on brother…come on Bangladesh and grave some traveling video….i hope you will enjoy our all tourist spot…

  35. Gagandeepsingh Minhas says

    Can you please tell me what was the hotel name in the starting. Please

  36. 2kpedro says

    ayooo the thumbnail

  37. Miklós Czetti says

    Can't believe 😀 I've passed by this chocolate store in Lausanne everyday on my way back from work, but I didn't even go in. 😀

  38. SchneppCo says

    Good evening sir.Fantastic video. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and something on a Travel Channel. Superb.What editing program did you use?

  39. Kayy Moodie says

    What type of microphone?

  40. Ishanka Vlogs says

    Ur iphone can fly ??? like drone ??

  41. into says

    how your editing plez tell me

  42. Cameron Jones says

    Lived in Ch for a year and by far the best way is take the trains everywhere.

  43. Mesbah Tanvir says

    Watching with a 4K panel. This video is not as sharp as other 4K video.

  44. Judetravelgram says

    I have a question. Can I fly my drone in Switzerland without a permit ? Thank you ?

  45. nk music life says

    Nice plase ?❤

  46. Stoners inc. says

    About how much do you think total cost was plane round trip, the pods, and everything how much would you pin it around?

  47. AngelTime Sweet says


  48. Aysha Amin says

    I just hope the world heal soon and we can travel more ❤️

  49. Lemi from Japan says

    Thank you very much for your video!I'm using iPhone6S now, ? but i'll upgrade the phone and my skill.I really enjoyed it!?

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