Can These Chefs Create a Kid's Fantasy Dish?


Tasty Chefs Hannah and Matthew compete to turn Anaiah’s monster drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Who has their eyes on the prize?

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  1. TAETAE says

    Hannah you are on a vegan week you cheat

  2. Jemma's Healthy Eating says

    To anyone who is reading this may your life be blessedI'm also a small YouTuber

  3. Lily Wright says

    hannah i thought your were vegan for a week

  4. Ysa Castro says

    Mathew is so sweet

  5. ZoiePlayzRobloxxx says

    whyd they censor cake pops?

  6. Alondra Gomez says

    At 8:32 you can see store bought ice cream ?so did she make some, just buy some from the store or mixed???

  7. jane jasper says

    She said she doesn't like olive and she is tasting the olives first ???And says eww

  8. Imogen Grace says

    Me watching this: it’s herbs not erbs !

  9. Diya Suresh says

    Did anyone come here after the vegan challenge

  10. Christopher Vallejos says

    I like to eat play dough.

  11. David N says

    I really love your shows I wish that you could upload more for me to watch they’re actually really good that’s why I’m asking and I’m so surprise that the little girl didn’t know that Kale was in the ice cream

  12. Kok Jia Chin says

    She actually in the 7 day-vegan challenge

  13. Kids Rock says

    Omg we have the same name

  14. LIYAHBLOX says

    Little girl : I don’t like olives, I don’t want it omg get that away!Homeless person : I don’t either gimme some

  15. Giorno Giovanna says

    Oooh so this is the video where hannah ate the meat ball for the 1 week vegan challenge

  16. saadia shah says

    mathew looks like clearence from that tv show on a channel called cartoon network and trust me he also sounds the same

  17. PWR Fishy says

    This is when hanna was vegan

  18. Aria M says

    It was so nice of Matthew to help Hannah

  19. Chloe Fang says


  20. Surekha Sharma says

    Didn't Hannah have the vegan challenge that time

  21. Meow Oreo says

    This is one of my favourite episode on I draw you cook episode

  22. Romeo Dio says

    mathew: put olivesgirl: i dont like olives ON my dishand then mathew just won! what the HECK!!

  23. Himani Gutha says

    So many of the kids in this challenge turn out to be brats or snobs but this girl Is just amazing. Omg ILYSM

  24. XxCotton XxCandy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ says

    They call it “Pinky”“Pinky”“Pink”“Sauce”

  25. Atm Safder says

    Umm Hannah you were on a 7 day vegan challenge

  26. Maureen Dera says

    Victory well deserved. Two great chefs

  27. Hiba Fatima says


  28. Eman's world says

    Do you people know thet when she was doing this episode she was also doing a changllen with her family 1 week vegan changllen and she forgot and ate matthew's meatball's

  29. Ajay Kumar Singh says

    Mathew was kind

  30. LifeOfPie says

    and now i want spaghetti

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