Can These Chefs Turn A Kid's Dragon Drawing Into Delicious Dishes? • Tasty


Tasty chef Merle takes on guest chef Keturah King to turn Makayla’s dragon doodle into real-world food. Which dish do you think has the fire?

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Vector flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Proportion 1:2. The national flag of the United Kingdom. Union Jack. Union flag. British flag. UK flag.
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Bat or Dragon Wing Waving on a Green Screen Background
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Fire explosion in slowmotion, shooting with high speed camera.
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Fire explosion towards camera, shooting with high speed camera.
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  1. Ysa Alejandra Tumolva says

    Im rewatching at 2020 and I say WE WANT MORE OF KETURAH

  2. Iesha Collins says


  3. dragon girl says

    I got sooo many idea in my mind like sooooooo much like how to make it the same exactly

  4. Aatika Khalid says

    Keturah: “I know you can’t smell this at home…”Me, lying in a hospital bed: “ Bold of you to assume I’m at home”

  5. Diva Lia says

    I love it how they're like best friends that's just having fun yet competing at the same time

  6. Nancy and Alena Do stuff says

    Nerds aren’t vegetarian or vegan

  7. Bubbly Clouds says

    Her: fireballs, brunt trees etcMe: DraGons EaT tAcoS on TuEsdAyssss

  8. Demon’s Death says

    You can use a couple ounces of blood to replace eggs

  9. Lil_gutch Gutchinson says

    that British woman's teeth. LMAO

  10. Nyasia .xo. says

    Keturah gives me Tahani energy

  11. Anna Lundquist says

    If there’s any accent I love more than…uhh, any oneIt’s an Australian accent, the best

  12. April Gary says

    The meat smells so good I smell it through the iPad?

  13. Aayah Alali says

    you said Italian yet you broke the pasta in half that is rude to Italians

  14. Zaidzy says

    I have never went to a dragon birthday partyOh really neither did I lol ?

  15. Sajas scratch tutorials says

    when merle said that she was going to top off the drinks with nerds I imagined a boy with glasses falling inside loldon't judge me (._.)

  16. Sophia games says

    One of them:i rather cook por gorden ramsyGorden ramsy:deeply stares hello im ready to react

  17. Marta Bizonova says

    Get the London look

  18. Heidi S says

    im just would of been a perfect time to make boba tea for the drink lol

  19. Marc Miller says

    Is it me or does the girl who is drawing looks like Moana?

  20. Ashley Qi says


  21. Rodrigo Peralta says

    The drink looks like a cake

  22. Rodrigo Peralta says

    When l saw keturah l thought she was pretty and beautiful

  23. Pritha Haldar says

    The kids give tougher challenges than professional chefs in competitions. But, I really love to see the blend of kids' imagination and the chefs' creative innovations. There is lot to learn here. ??

  24. Melanie Gudino says

    They lost there chance to make a lava cake

  25. ꧁༺Lil Mini • Angels ༻꧂ says

    When Keturak said this Is there any space on the oven for me? Takin my peppers in made me laugh

  26. jane jasper says

    Merle was going on throwing shade but keturah was so elegant and fun she was amazing why can't she come for few seasons she is so fun and elegant

  27. Cute Banana says

    Your so right I love it EEKK

  28. XxMøøn_Light_ StârxX says

    Girls talking about sweat not realizing that they have a cooking competition to win

  29. Aky Garcia says

    One of them has the London look

  30. Samar Saleem says

    9:06 ??

  31. Stephanie Peña says

    This girl is an arsonist ?

  32. Audrey Li says

    Is it just me, or do I really want to be on this show

  33. Tommy Turbe says

    How come the dragon doesn’t eat meat?!?!!!!!!!!

  34. Tommy Turbe says

    But dragons breath fire, do humans eat air?!?!!!!!

  35. Mariam Sabr says

    I think ketura is waaaaay too fancy for kids

  36. Eva Masry says

    I like how the girl with green clothes has a pik background and the girl with pink clothes has a green background ??

  37. Itz_LittleLatte says

    THEY BE LOOKIN FLAWLESS!!!………….Can’t relate…….

  38. Ar Pr says

    How can you make vegan food so unhealthy

  39. it's your girl Jayla T says

    4 da rocks at da bottom could have been boba

  40. sravani sunkara says

    I really don't like Merle's vibe at all. She's so shady, gave a plate full of diabetes and her vegan bragging ufff… She's annoyingHer dish also looks awful btw

  41. Vocal Heart says

    I love Keturah, we need more of her she’s a true queen <3

  42. iigrxceblues says

    13:54 mood

  43. Rania Siddiqui says

    Kynenne is a bit annoying

  44. M Mendoza says

    Only here for Keturah

  45. Sanna Kunnath says

    For the 1% that comes across this comment…. May God bless you, and may your day be filled with hope and laughter

  46. LIYAHBLOX says

    I feel like I’m the only one who is irritated by those people criticizing little kids drawing not in this episode but like u know what I mean just tell me ur opinion

  47. Kylie izaMOOD says

    That merle girl was so freaking shady like girl shut up.

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