Can We Make A Dish Without Knowing The Ingredients?


Alix and Rie team up to play a recipe game where a cook must figure out how to make a mystery dish using only verbal commands from an instructor, but there’s one problem: important key words are off limits.

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  1. Mohit V says

    Meaning of mimed??

  2. Luc Scott says

    Cooking taboo

  3. Hazel Ann says

    These two chefs…

  4. Rimsha Salman says

    Plzz do it again

  5. Haechan is a vocal legend says

    "can we make a dish without knowing the ingredients?"also the ingredients: infront of their salad

  6. Thahaani Hashir says

    1:33 Alix: I feel I am pretty good at this.The next momentBuzzes

  7. Elizabeth Samson says


  8. Patricia Baldwin says

    Plot twist Alvin showed rie the cards ?

  9. Leen Al-Ahmad says

    Reasons I watch tasty : Alix and Rie I draw you cook Make it fancy Make it big How about you ?

  10. Isla Quinn says

    At the start I thought she was speaking a different language

  11. Madhulika Sharath says

    Did anyone else notice that the video of the food being cooked doesn't have Rie's hand?

  12. Mr. PHEA says

    So funny but love your skill

  13. Pericles Sgantzos says

    8:29 My girlfriend in bed

  14. ayesha danish says

    Alix: I feel like I'm pretty good at this.Litterly 1 sec later: Producer: you mimed

  15. J Keith says

    This is kind of like the card game “Taboo” where you help your partner guess a word while staring at a card full of words you can’t use to discard. If you say any of the words or mime, then the other team hits a buzzer or squeaker.

  16. Rebecca Sam says

    This was kind of like Taboo

  17. Bernie G says

    First step: Add seasoned water to a boil.Me: Add sugar to water to a boil, right?

  18. Fire Fox says

    For the chicken why didn’t she say the bird

  19. Ivy Panda says

    Alex and Rie are my 2 braincells

  20. Queen Maria-Mary KimStreep says

    This is a game called "HOW WELL YOU KNOW YOUR BESTFRIEND" ?

  21. Paula Farías says

    hicieron el espeshial

  22. Yee Yee says

    Lets confuse everyone Please like and pretend this is really funny, I’m going to edit it and no one will know why there’s so many likes

  23. Ankita Agarwal says

    Please make more of these videos

  24. ayra dalisay says

    You get more stress than fun, playing this game ?

  25. RainbowDemon says

    Olive oil is not from Italy,It’s from Greece…

  26. Hypickle David says

    Ríe says “I think we are gonna make pasta because of salt water and pot” bruh there was raw pasta right next to her

  27. NNaidu144 says

    Who else thinks rie and alix are like bff goals??

  28. neyikun says

    short answer: nolong answer: no obviously

  29. Myvizhi balasubramanian says

    What is seasoning the waterWhen it is from spring

  30. Theo Hanness says

    Everyone needs a rie in their life

  31. Cupcake the Cupcake says

    I love the videos with Rie and Alix together!!

  32. Hear truth says

    I can understand why this task is given to you because you talk a lot

  33. Hear truth says

    I m watching videos just to see you

  34. Imtimenla Aier says

    Is it just me or does Rie look like the female chef in the Disney movie Ratatouille ? ?

  35. Kewl Ferret says

    i now want to eat chicken picatta

  36. Roopa Manjunath says

    Do more of this

  37. meerima kazybekovna says

    Chicken juice lol

  38. Hannah Hollenbeak says

    6:37 wow her voice sounds like when i scrape my fork against the plate on accident

  39. Sweta Das says

    I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to Alix and I'm not sure if I'm bi ?

  40. Radha Sunkale says

    I love rie.

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