Travel to the rhythms of golden colors and lights, beyond the rivers through the mountains. On the road from North to South, from East to West, every landscape is different. Discover Eastern Canada through this magical period of Indian summer. Do not hesitate to share it if “it’s your taste”!
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  1. Mathieu Stanić says

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  2. MAX XIV says

    Hey Sir can i repost this please?

  3. obed franco says

    Excelente trabajo!!

  4. Arul Toraja says


  5. Karolina J says

    Wow! Canada is beautiful! ??? A really wonderful looking country! ?(From Poland ??)

  6. TT._.12 says

    I miss travelling so much. But I guess corona’s out here ruining everything ?

  7. Deft3 Studio. says

    I just… Want to move to this country so badly… This summer i'll surelly go for a visit

  8. alemanha a naçao dos inventores says


  9. alemanha a naçao dos inventores says

    beautiful canada my future country from australia

  10. I peace official says

    I'm from morocco ??. I love you Canada. My dream ? ?

  11. Afsana Mimi says

    Miss you Canada ??Coming in August last, 2020!Proud for being a Canadian ?

  12. Kidtendo Studios says

    God I love Canada, you got some great shots of the nation I call home

  13. B RI says

    God i am high!?

  14. Leonardo Mendez says

    tengo muchos trabajooooooossss

  15. nuttapat muangpakeaw says

    Canada is a country that I want to travel from a Thai woman??

  16. 릅신은 울지 않는다 says

    Good…… Thank you bro….for sharing that magnificent scenaries…

  17. P3RF3CT WHIT3 says

    My country is my pride????????

  18. Vadim Goven says

    very good video

  19. Detective Bonni says

    Holy crap, thanks for 4K It's awesome!

  20. Jiwoo Kim says

    One of my favorite countries. Beautiful

  21. Manon ROBIN says

    Wonderful video ! The beautiful images and the song together make it epic 🙂 Thanks for making us travel during this tough time stuck at home!

  22. Florine Archinard says

    The song is beautiful

  23. Zishan Kabir says


  24. Ezequiel Salinas says


  25. Ezequiel Salinas says

    Algún día estaré ahi.

  26. Capone kingpin King says

    If anyone know where canton ohio isWell that my hometownThis video is fucking great

  27. Эдуард Ван says

    that's why i wanna move to Canada.

  28. А А says

    follow me

  29. Hemant Athlete says

    Which song?….. i love this

  30. My Travelaway says

    I love Canada!

  31. maria martinez medina says

    lo ago para una presentacón me ha servido mucho

  32. maria martinez medina says

    me encanta

  33. jÃo DoidÃo says

    Muito bom, parabéns !!!

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