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Canberra – Purpose built as Australia’s capital city, Canberra is a 3-hour drive from both the snowy mountains and the beautiful beaches of New South Wales.

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Canberra is a city which honors Australia’s past and shapes its future, yet #Canberra is far more than a political capital.

At the heart of Canberra’s creation story is Lake Burley Griffin. In 1911, the government launched an international design competition seeking a master plan for a brand new city. The victor, Chicago architect Walter Burley Griffin, won with a garden city design focused on a man-made lake which fits perfectly within the landscape. When, the nation’s Governor General stood in a dusty paddock in 1913 and announced the name of the new capital, he told the nation that the city had, lying before it, a splendid destiny.

Over 100 years later, that destiny has been fulfilled in a city that preserves the great chapters of Australia’s history and continues on to the next. #Vacation here to become a part of it, and keep the memories of your #visit for your own story.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Mary wanjiru says

    A wonderful city indeed.

  2. Spread Word says

    for the migration help :

  3. Jesse Pinkman says

    I expected to see more about the city not museums

  4. Ava Booth says

    I wish coronavirus didn't cancel my school trip to Canberra

  5. ReyerMega says

    who is here for her homework ? (^_^)

  6. Noa Die says

    Wonderful humans handmade city

  7. Mark Dialogo says

    What ah beautiful place

  8. bhargav patel says

    How are you going with your studies mate …cheers.

  9. luuchoo G says

    Not to be negative, but Canberra seems more like a forest and lake, plus Parliament, than an actual city. It’s extremely open and looks a little sterile? Of course I haven’t been there, but it seemed weird to me

  10. Linas Marcinkevičius says

    Incredible! 🙂

  11. PrOsTO cRAzY says

    Русские? ? Отмечаемся

  12. Pius X says

    What a vile and sterile place. Architecture is awful and just looks and feels as if it lacks history which let's face it Australia certainly doesn't have alot of.

  13. the phoenix 315 says

    Canberra looks pretty tedious compared to Sydney or Melbourne.

  14. Capital Food Adventure says

    Awesome video. keep up the great videos!

  15. les gama says

    Wow very niceBack sub bro

  16. Axmed Daqare says

    Canbera Really good new city of Australia Canbera continue many development

  17. Jordjeff 2 says

    This is my home work

  18. Austin says

    Hot this time of year…

  19. itsme jasmin says


  20. #Trip ni Jayson says

    Wahh , We should see this first before heading to Canberra, we miss a lot lol Anyway we will coming back to this beautiful city with my family soon I love Australia ??☝️??

  21. Adilson Erico says

    Linda capital , parabéns para a Austrália . Saudações do Brasil .

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