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Cancelled Movies we wish we could see and others that actually got made.
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We are taking a look at cancelled movies today. Some movies are cancelled after being teased like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 or others are taken away from directors or actors only to be made another time or rebooted. Some movies are even fully filmed and still cancelled.

Creative differences, scheduling and many other factors can affect if a movie gets made and in some cases this has lead to the creation of our favorite movies, such as Batman: The Dark Knight.

But we want to hear from you! Let us know which movie you wish wasn’t cancelled or maybe some you wish had been! Be sure to subscribe for more great content!

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  1. sans is awesome611 says

    Spider-Man 4: Scarlet Spectacle. Villans: Vulture and Lizard. New hero: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reily)Spider-Man 5: Charged Carnation. Villans: Carnage and Electro, Hobgoblin. New heros: Spider-Gwen, Iron Spider (Harry ressurected), and Agent Venom (Eddie ressurected).Spider-Man 6: Sinister Six. Villans: Hobgoblin, Electro, Vulture, Kraven, Mysterio, Scorpion. Heros: Spidey Squad.Spider-Man 7: Temporal Web. Villans: Hammerhead, Allistare Smythe, Kingpin. Temporary heros: Noir, 2099.Spider-Man 8: The Final Frontier. Villans: J.Jonah, Kraven, Mysterio, Rhino, Electro, Scream, Smythe, Kingpin, Prowler, Shocker. Heros: Spidey Squad, Noir, 2099, Amazing, MCU, Miles, Sandman.

  2. Mr Noob says

    Did Once Upon A Deadpool get cancelled too or anything cuz I cant find that movie ANYWHERE!

  3. Veronica Cooper says

    Green lantern

  4. Veronica Cooper says

    Black widow !!!!!!

  5. Crib Cozy says

    after re watching Spider-man the original Sam Raimi with Tobey Maguire in a blink and you''ll miss it moment Stan Lee (R.I.P.) is first seen as a witness 106:59 & again @ 107:01 saving a little girl from the green Goblins attack.

  6. Hooper Plays Stuff says

    I want to see a Logan styled spider man 4 with Toby

  7. Darasimi Ikuoye says

    Spider-Man 4 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3

  8. João Pedro Pipinel says

    So the director of the Five Nights at Freddy's movie which is one of my favorite franchises was going to do also a spiderman movie? Awosome!

  9. Lawrence Gillespie says

    It seems that movies get canceled for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with how bad or unsuccessful they would eventually be. Perhaps you could do an episode on movies that almost were canceled, but once released, were successful.

  10. John, James Leahy says

    Guys i love your video but at times it seems very scripted and makes you sound a little flaky i think it's your tones lol

  11. darklightimages says

    I wished Treasure Planet 2 wasn't cancelled.

  12. scuffduff says

    tron 2 was made????

  13. ARZ says

    Who are these guys and what did they do to Ryan?

  14. the narrator says

    He likes Pacific rim because it had giant robots versus giant aliens,so you like Pacific rim the same reason why kids like power rangers.

  15. Stuart Ritter says

    I'm glad that Todd Phillips is not making another Joker movie. It was an interesting film, but it wasn't a good portrayal of DC's Joker. Arthur Fleck is pretty far from being a maniacal criminal genius.

  16. Ariana Cherri says

    I wish the amazing spider man 3 didnt get canceled

  17. ebow Gaming and vlogs says

    Chris(topher) Columbus

  18. Misael Joel Vera says

    Someone wanted a giant spider in Superman Lives. You're talking about Jon Peters, and yes, he produced Wild Wild West and put a spider in there.

  19. Daniel Corona says

    17:14 They better not be lying when their saying that their gonna make a five nights at Freddy’s movie

  20. Larry Herrera says

    Cant believe they didnt go over Avatar

  21. Alazar Abebe says

    This video is way Tooooooooooo long

  22. Bignash83 says

    It would have been man spider all over again and I liked that

  23. Bignash83 says

    They would have tried to combine the universes

  24. Bignash83 says

    Every body can’t be Marvel

  25. Bignash83 says

    They should’ve canceled X3 X-men last stand

  26. Poopie What says

    Not their best like ratio but ok

  27. Michael says

    A 49 minute video. No thanks.

  28. BG SOUND says

    27:50 WatchMen is on its way to being a classic, it deserves more respect.

  29. Za za Zoom says

    After 7 min of endless chatter I left. I give up. You guys suck.

  30. Nicholas Moyo says

    Guy on the left did better than his first appearance but still room for improvement with his conversation skills ??

  31. Der Headbanger says

    The Big Lebowski spin-off about Jesus has aparently been done for years but was never released.

  32. Kieran Shaw says


  33. Jonathan Martin-Ives says

    Arnold as Doctor Octopus would have been pretty cool…. ?

  34. IchigoMait says

    So this is about Spider-Man movies only? The title seems kinda…. well have to see what the other half of the video is.

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