Canon EOS R5 | Full Camera Review


I never normally review a camera to this level, but the R5 is so significant and packed with special features that I couldn’t resist this time. Hope you find this helpful!

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Video footage and pictures of the camera taken with a Sony a7R II, but all the sample pictures and video you see are of course taken with the Canon EOS R5, with Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART and 60-600mm SPORTS lenses adapted on.

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‘Sidewalk Shade’, Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Christian Mietz says

    Hi Christopher, i love your lens reviews. I have a request. Can you test the tamron 20mm f. 2.8 and compare it to the samyang 18mm f2.8. Thanks a lot.

  2. Fred says

    I wonder if crop mode on the standard 4k will improve the image quality?

  3. AllGoodThingsNetwork says

    I've seen a lot reviews about this camera but this was one of the better ones. Your mastery of photography and tech details is so good that you don't have to try so hard like a lot of other reviewers. Instead, you just pointed out the key features and issues. Nice work! Can't wait to put this camera to the test. One question: do you notice any appreciable difference in the color of images straight out of this camera compared to the EOS R?

  4. Chris says

    This is the best review I saw of this camera.

  5. Anthony Martin says

    With a good LP-E6N battery, you also can achieve the 12 fps! They may not last as long as an NH battery, but in a pinch, they are useful! I hope you find a way to retest those RF lenses you looked at on the R, as there are a few features that are missing in some of them. For example, on the r5, there is that icon for IS that is enhanced on the r5 due to IBIS (I think) and you get the "hand+" icon in the VF rather than just the "hand". I think, IIRC, that this (hand+) means the two are working together. I had assumed this were true for all RF lenses, but apparently not. That feature does not work with the RF 24-105 F/4L or the RF 70-200 F/2.8L but it does work with the new RF 100-500 F/4.5-7.1L lens. So, I guess the combined IS (hand+) only works with RF lenses released recently and after/with the R5/R6.

  6. AYFJ says

    Great review as usual Christopher. We really need a Sony a9 (II) vs R5/6 AF sports comparison. I would lend you my a9 II however I live in Australia so a little bit far for a loaner.

  7. WestCoastVivi says

    Hello Christopher! I’m planning on getting the R5 and beside everything you mentioned in your video, could you please tell me if the camera is getting noticeably warmer while shooting stills? I’m in California and we have it pretty warm for the most part of the year… having a camera in my hand that heats up wouldn’t be ideal. Thanks

  8. dorosG9 says

    Hey, Chris. Have I ever mentioned how I love your calm and well balanced reviews? Thanks for that. I am glad got the R5; not because you will be testing RF lenses, but because you are owning such a great camera. Enjoy!

  9. Eke van der Zee says

    Now…. just to find a bank that still keeps cash to rob.

  10. man henk says

    And in 6 months no one cares about this old piece of technology 😉 and that is why i stick with my old junk 6d.

  11. Alex Raasch says

    The problem isnt, that it overheats, the problem is, that the overheating is fake. I will overheat even if completely cooled and even after shotting only fotos it wont allow you to film anymore but you can trick it by changing the date and removing the battery without turning it off and all timers will reset until it actually overheats, which will even have a new different overheating icon. This is just pure BS and people are rightfully upset

  12. Factory Final says

    Yes, the marketing could have targeted this camera wrongly. However, it won't be the reason for videographers to stop looking for this camera. People can read specs nowadays, and this is perfect. And even though it overheats, we all wanna try using it for Video purposes as it can produce outstanding images and the RF glasses are just…. out of this world.

  13. Ra Hul says

    10:00 reminds me of Gordon Laing's walk of focus 😄

  14. Augnos says

    Have you used the R6 at all, and will you be reviewing that one as well? This was a superb review, and financially I'm really only open to get an R6 as a hobbyist. Thanks, and nice ASU shirt!

  15. facelessninetytwo aka Man of the Rain says

    11:30 so Canon introduced intervalometer for their $3500 camera, a feature added in Magic Lantern for entry-level DSLRs introduced to market 8 years ago, haha

  16. Eke van der Zee says

    A review of the R5 for stills? FINALLY!

  17. amazme1 says

    The Intervalometer doesn’t work. Didn’t you test it?

  18. gotja says

    This may be stupid on the surface… how is the 1080p

  19. Sorin Ichim says

    I'm not impresed with this mirrorless camera. Personal, i prefer DSLR.

  20. The Beardo! says

    Finally…..!Review from Chris ❤️

  21. RC PHOTOS says

    very usefull review

  22. WR Photography2018 says

    What speedlights can be used with th R5 as all the older Canon speedlights where designed for dslrs?

  23. Brett the Behemoth says

    Why can't you use the joystick to go to the previous/next photo in playback mode!?

  24. Daniel Johnston says

    Great realistic review!

  25. John Ford says

    See if you follow suit, I traded in my Sigma Art 50 and Canon 50 to pay for the RF50. Combined with the R5 it's perfection (IMO).

  26. KuruGDI says

    Thanks for your detailed review!I have been waiting for your review to judge if I want to consider this as my new camera. You can clearly notice the ammount of work that has been put into the video!The thing I'm missing (even it's topic is maybe better off in a second video) is how the R5 works with older EF (and maybe even EF-S) lenses. As far as I know, both should work for this camera.

  27. nick allo says

    Thanks for the great review. Any thoughts on how much better the high iso is vs R6 for stills?

  28. andrew says

    same here. I have the RP and 7D and didn't do much videos at all other than use RP as web cam.It's just much lighter to do video on cell phones. I think R5 or R6 will be my next buy…and the RF 70-200.I just love to have IBIS and it will make all my non stabilized canon fix lens much more useful. The 4K work flow is already time consuming. 8K will be a killer for my computer.

  29. Mike Whiles says

    As always a balanced and fair review Chris – thank you 😎😎😎

  30. josecore1974 says

    Thank you so much 👍👍👍Huge money dear😥What about R6 any chance ro do a simple review. Please🙏Affordable that's why 👍So anyway thank you again for R5

  31. Amoesys says

    What about R5 AF performance compares to Sony A6600…?

  32. Singh. H says

    I ll have to sell my car to get this.:-(

  33. Utsav Ratti says

    Lucky to have had it for five weeks already! I placed an order over six weeks ago and it looks like it will be Oct or Nov at the earliest before I receive mine. Great review, as always.

  34. rambo a says

    Recently bought the R and super happy with it, this and r6 just out my budget.

  35. Enrique Bucio says

    I see Christopher Frost, I click like.

  36. Dr Earbuds says

    Best 👍 Review of this Canon R5 on YouTube and I've seen them all

  37. Vincent Benjamin says

    Too expensive for a camera that over-heats! I will wait until the over-heating is resolved.

  38. Sun and D-970 says

    A proper review. Thanks 👍👍👍.

  39. albedo0point39 says

    This is a fantastic review, thank you so much for doing it. One thing that excites me is the possibility of using HEIF image format (which should allow some limited editing out of camera compared to JPEG). I'm wondering if it might unlock a more mobile workflow, with RAW reserved for backup purposes.Have you had an opportunity to experiment with them?

  40. Sun and D-970 says

    The audio recording function is very similar to earlier Canon EOS 1D/1Ds series cameras.

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