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Cape Cod is a much-loved vacation destination. From the sunny beaches to the famous clam chowder, we’ll show you why this destination is the pick for your next vacation!

Check out all the places we visited in this video:

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#CapeCod crams in more salty goodness than a jumbo-serving of clam chowder. While
you may be tempted to try to devour the entire Cape in one #vacation, we suggest you
explore it in bite-sized chunks, one #visit at a time. And if you’re worried that you may
never return, rest assured there’s plenty of truth in the local saying, “once a Cape
Codder, always a Cape Codder.” So join us now as we sample the natural, historical
and cultural flavors of the Upper, Mid, Lower and Outer Capes. We may have missed a
thing or two this time ‘round, but we’ll be back again to Cape Cod for another hearty
serving in the future!

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Anna Tomasik says

    Fun Fact- Nauset High School is on the national Seashore and I’m from Nauset

  2. Peo's Place says

    Thanks!!! ???

  3. AyeitsEthan1022 ?! says

    I love Cape Cod so much, I used to live in Boston, now I live in Miami. I still visit Massachusetts about every Summer.

  4. Bryn Cottrell says

    I live on cape code but my mom said I could actually go out and do things so yeah…Kinda forgot all the stuff we have at da cape…

  5. 玉川尚平 says

  6. Edward Newell says

    I live on Cape Cod

  7. Wendy Woo says

    Outrageously expensive & mobbed w/tourists in the summer, traffic is terrible–but I still love the Cape!

  8. Chum MD says

    Too bad tourist will have nothing to do this season. Everything is closed and most likely will be until next season .its gonna be a difficult for those who depend on tourist for there income that's what the stimulus checks are for .if we just stay home we can smother this virus out it's the only way to get the Cape back to normal .god bless cape code and all who live there .

  9. Eric Lopes says

    I was born and raised here i miss home alot .im from south yarmouth class of 2006 dy high school ??

  10. Joeaxel Music Freak says

    Love cape cod Massachusetts's paradise from ??

  11. Reaper Havoc says

    how to tell your town sucks: its not even in this vid. sorry Bourne, our only claim to fame on cape is "you gotta go through us to get somewhere better"

  12. KByville Pika says

    I really like Cape CodAre there any “densely packed” villages and beach towns that have beaches and restaurants nearby? Recommend a good one here

  13. Michael Hopson says

    Don't go!!!! The Reine's will kill you all

  14. alexbrave1 says

    This video is very well-produced and beautiful, thank you! 🙂

  15. Kapssnaps says official song of cape cod

  16. Green SR says

    I'm in love with Cape Cod form Ecuador!!!!! ??❤

  17. Dark Vision says

    my dream is to go here…. and im going there in july!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kasiamhuru Sheuenesu says

    Please do Victoria falls

  19. 주상희 says

    Thank you so much for sharing.I have visted in 1995.

  20. Cameron McCutcheon says

    when i watched it had 69420 views.and i am from the cape

  21. Marquice Bortnem says

    I like this.

  22. S C says

    1:06-1:11 – Always a CAPE CODDAH 🙂

  23. daniela barone says

    Great video !

  24. becky savery says

    Beautiful portal of our home. Please come visit. Once the sand is between your toes, you will never want to leave. Yes, it is that beautiful here. ?????

  25. Rugged Individualist ✓ says

    Ahhhh Home sweet Home ?

  26. Cape Cod says

    Yeah boi

  27. Playful Kitten says

    Absolutely beautiful, charming, and quaint, but in terms of swimming in Cape Cod waters… probably not a wise idea to go past your knees. Jaws (many of them, actually) is now alive and thriving, and swimming close to the shore. I'm from here, and I won't do it.

  28. Erik johnson says

    It is crowded and expensive stay AWAY stay off the beaches. Best to STAY OUT all together!!!

  29. Sean says

    I'm from cape and have lived there my entire life its not that great

  30. Edrees Wardak says

    Amazing … I wish to be there one day ?

  31. Mightbe Sherwood says

    It's a 6-hour drive from Boston to Provincetown. Both because the Cape is long, and the traffic is brutal.

  32. Samia Mobasshira says

    Hello….I am from Bangladesh and a big fan of Expedia video clips….?.would you please add our beautiful Bangladesh as your next destination! It will be great pleasure for me seeing the world's longest sea beach as well as other amazing spots of my beautiful Bangladesh on your presentation.

  33. Emile Grech says

    Can you please do Malta

  34. Sehba Zainab says

    Can u plzzz do another one on canada!!!⚘⚘

  35. Start living your life, time is too precious says

    Ahhh I go to Cape Cod every summer ? from Boston

  36. Megan Marie says

    Cape Cod is the best! I’m from Massachusetts and visit a ton every summer!P.S. I make travel videos and I’m trying to hit 50 subs by May 🙂

  37. ProBro says

    Post luxury life and rich places

  38. Dunny2k says

    Another American place. Boring.

  39. De U says

    un-spoilt and not crowded considering its proximity to NYC and Boston. this is good

  40. Robert Of Tula says

    I’m Still Waiting For Detroit, Michigan

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