Cape Town Travel Guide


Our Cape Town travel guide! A beautiful guide for a beautiful city, Cape Town is incredible.

Thanks to the fantastic Jeremy Loops for taking the time to talk to us. Check out Jeremy Loops’ music:

We’re so excited to share our guide to Cape Town with you. This breathtaking city is full of a thousand adventures, incredible food, and most importantly, wonderful people.

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  1. Cebo88 says

    Our fairest Cape. I lived there for 4 years in the 90s as a student. I miss it so much.

  2. Ashley Marks says

    When are you going to do Durban and Johannesburg ?

  3. Tracking The Market says

    They came against the will of the africans too..

  4. jill chiappini says

    Wrong about District Six! It wasn’t a black area, but peopled by what are still known as Coloured people. Appallingly, they were moved to the dry, sandy, barren areas on the Cape Flats, miles away from Cape Town central. What was once a thriving community was no more.

  5. Richard M says

    What about crime rate??

  6. Kevin McMahon says

    I've been to Cape Town many times and was there again earlier this year. It's a beautiful city. It has become 'edgier' over the years though. You can be subject to persistent, aggressive begging in the city centre during the day. We were. A city security guard advised my wife to remove her neck chain just to be safe. She said it wasn't particularly valuable but he advised it all the same. Sure enough, a woman staying in our hotel had her neck chain snatched right outside the hotel in broad daylight. At night you simply do not walk anywhere in the city centre. Even going to a restaurant a quarter of a mile away we were advised to take a cab. In Strand Street, where our hotel was, large groups of young men congregated on the street corners, in doorways and up side streets. Other than them, you did not see anyone walking. It's safe in the Waterfront but you should never walk to or from there, even in the day.
    I have probably exhausted Cape Town now, but if I ever went back I would stay out in Camps Bay or False Bay or similar. I would not stay in the city centre. In most European cities – Munich, Paris, Barcelona, London etc – you stay as close in to the centre as you can afford. In South Africa it is the opposite.

  7. MIT VAGH says

    My Dream is to Come to Capetown

    Hopefully my Dream will End One Day

  8. Lunga Biyela says

    "Now," "Now now," and "just now" are not Cape Town slang. It's South African slang. It's said everywhere, not just Cape Town.

  9. Lunga Biyela says

    It's BS that minibus taxis are unregulated and unsafe. Millions of people use them to get around every day and find them very reliable, safe and affordable. It's a massive lie that they're unsafe.

  10. Subway Surfer says

    Well I am not gonna focus on bad. Wonderful city for tourists. It just isn't the safest place

  11. Pauline Photo Backup says

    Thanks Alex Hunter for showcasing a little bit of Cape Malay. I'm from Malaysia and never known about Cape Malay, would love to with SA one day and explore Bo Kaap thanks to your video.

  12. Campbell says

    RIP Thomas Cook

  13. William Webbs says

    Great video

  14. Bruce Roberts says

    I spent about 5 days there around 12 years ago. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I'll return one day, stay a little longer, and perhaps take a train to Durban, Soweto, and Joburg. Also I'd go to Boswana.

  15. cweezyyy something says

    did yall hear how he said boerewors?🤣

  16. Makgoka Lekganyane says

    Don’t come here and recommend Uber; u come to recommend US companies that take away routes that meter taxis established for many years…You want to keep us slaves…

  17. NRG says

    Europeans destroy everywhere they go🤫

  18. Zach K says

    I was bit reserved about my upcoming trip to Capetown in January 2021 … but you just made all of my fears vanished…

    My wife and I will be flying from USA to Johannesburg, Capetown, Victoria Falls, Lesotho, Swaziland and Madagascar….

    I think i will hire an Uber driver for my time in CT…

    I am very excited and thankful to you for sharing this video..

    We will for sure stop by at the restaurants you visited !!

    What else would you recommend while in CT..?

  19. Lungile Hlongwane says

    Lmao That description of the minibus taxi industry. As a South African I know exactly what you talking about lmao

  20. Dewanto Wijono says

    Out of many countries I've ever been, Cape Town just splendid and memorable. This video just reminded me the places I've visited.

  21. Arnoux Steenkamp says

    9:50 is droewors not biltong lol

  22. Rey Nemaattori says

    I am soso looking forward to eat, drink, wine and dine in Cape Town O.o

  23. AI Overlord 168 says

    Now means in about a minute
    Now now means I’ll put it off for about another hour
    And just now means I’ll do it at the end of the day

  24. Simon Eyre says

    What was the name of the restaurant where you had the Cape Malay food please?

  25. fotolove79 says

    Can't wait! Will be there in May 2020! Pretoria, Cape Town, and Johannesburg!🤗

  26. TrigXionWorld says

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now,Now now
    South Africans know now now is a big lie

  27. Kurt Fischer says

    The only ever travel advice you need from any part of south africa is EMIGRATION and 'Departure Lounge.' Your life is worth more than visiting some third world shit hole.

  28. keenan Stevens says

    Theres still plenty more to capetown. How about you go a little deeper

  29. Levin Trueno says

    Cobra hire in SA is dangerous with a drop top

  30. Mimi Liebling says

    0:21 Some of the most productive FARMERS* not farmland. The land is very laborious to toil and the highly skilled Boer feed the country

  31. Primary Acc says

    1:07 there are only 2 black guys among 200 audiences… do white men give their own concerts in SA?

  32. Vovo Bani says

    4:43 this is where you lose me BS. Mini Bus taxis are the best way to understand and have the most fun in cape town.

  33. Wallis says

    RIP Thomas Cook: 1841 – 2019

  34. Alexy Ignashov says

    Brilliant video guys , also enjoyed the just now and now now explanation 👍👍👍

  35. Archeluas V says

    This didnt age well with Thomas Cook

  36. John Maccabi says

    That poor guy on the plane working for Thomas Cook does not have a job anymore.

  37. Luca Tancredi says

    Too much food for a travel guide

  38. M. williams says

    They said they don’t take US dollar?

  39. M. williams says

    So is 13rand 90 cents. And 40rand $2.76 ?

  40. M. williams says

    What documentation/immunizations do you need

  41. Maako Ishikawa says

    Yeah, I'm going!

  42. Geoff Johnstone says

    Such an accurate depiction of what this city has to offer. Well done on a great video – us Capetonians look forward to hosting more visitors.

  43. Llewellyn Smith says

    Came across this vid by accident…..What an honest review of our Beautiful City…. Your research on our City is Spot On and i'm happy to see that OUR Gatsby made it onto the international spotlight.

  44. Transcape Assurance says

    haha do not take a minibus taxi
    yeah they are more unpredictable than the Rand exchange rate!

  45. Sayandeep Soren says

    Amazing Cinematography.

  46. chokybearstudios says

    You can come to Kansas City and b low key, enjoy some underground (literally) bootleg bars and booze. And be surrounded in a safe group people that care about your time here. It's a ratio of 99% decent peeps to 1% douchebag.

  47. Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong says

    I'm leaving for South Africa in 46 hours and counting. I cannot absolutely wait to explore Cape town, and since we've rented a car that should be absolutely fantastic!

  48. M J says

    Not to safe to travel in now on June 2019.

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