1. Mingo Lopez says

    Do you use coins a lot. I live in Texas is there a shortage on coins I don't know why

  2. CarlsRoom70 says

    You did ok again buddy. Good footage again.

  3. Elliott Kase says

    0:05 – Guys, Guys.

  4. Empiretoys 1138 says

    Nice find on the Power Rangers and Digimon!

  5. dan whale says

    Yesss Bro good to see you man keep up the good work bro!

  6. Stuart Burkhill says

    What more can I say fantastic well done wait for the next video ????

  7. Tom T says

    Nice score on the iPod nano 7th gen

  8. ddaaz1871 says

    Why ware gloves if your just going to touch everything plus your Wallet and your money? ??‍♂️


    Amazing as always Kieran. Love these. Your mate got a decent price on that Wii bundle and that Digimon tamagochi think….£2, worth £80, don't know how you kept your cool haha. Nice one ?

  10. Charlie Shakur says

    Gameboys suck lol

  11. BusyReselling says

    great finds kieran carnt go wrong for 2 pound for a digivice nice one also rare to see gameboy games too

  12. Paul Mortimer says

    gave you a like pal as great vid just 1 gripe can you say please when asking for a price probably just me lol

  13. Luke Kearns says

    Had no idea ps3 pads were such a high price!! CEX is £25!!!

  14. The Retro Dalek says

    Ahhhh ive just noticed now that u were recording when we met hahaha. Still good meeting you again and im fine being in the vid lol

  15. SegaSaturnLad says

    That retro load, he needs to good after his stuff better.You going to accept me friend request Kieran? Haha

  16. MikeLovezGamez! says

    Another awesome video there Kieran!Nice1!

  17. Lewis Fowkes says

    I sub a long time ago

  18. Lewis Fowkes says

    Hi you should do a room tour and I love your vids

  19. james maude says

    Nice one bro! Some good finds ?

  20. Apex Films Uk Motorsport says

    11 idiots on this planet who thumbs down this video !! Another brilliant one Kieran good lad keep up the good work buddy !!

  21. SamBo says

    You should of just gave the lady the £1, for the Power Ranger toys mate. It was only 20p not gonna bankrupt you now is it.!

  22. gary frew says

    I don't know how you do it but you do it so well ??

  23. Gav-infinity & Beyond says

    I remember the first one I did after Lockdown. 14/06/2020.

  24. Leon Spicer says

    hopefully some grannys slippers get thrown across the bootsale in this video ?????????? Yea boi! ?

  25. theKINZENATOR says

    Saw you today at Twin Oaks!

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