1. ganesan gk says

    America stop calling it soccer .!!! It's football and not Soccer. The world says football guys. Don't try to be unique cuz it doesn't prove ur unique

  2. jegl1012 says

    there is a reason why Carli Lloyd was an MVP – what a nice body she has.

  3. Carleton Candis says

    Oh nice !!!

  4. Ally McDonald’ says

    ? ? ?

  5. Majid Arman says


  6. Ava Girnius says

    Carli is the ?

  7. robin wilder says

    Next up, signed by NFL team…. trailblazer

  8. Freddie Mercury says

    An englishman saying "soccer" is pure cringe

  9. Gary Jones says

    ??? carli Lloyd

  10. vishdroidrc says

    Yo she pretty!

  11. Mustafa Mohamed says

    Omg my boy Chris tucker is in this what a funny guy he is hope his doing well.????

  12. Fanny Olvera Bárcenas says

    “Soccer” it’s football !!

  13. Soham says

    It's not MVP it's golden ball

  14. Juan Chavez says

    Carli my future wife ?

  15. colaboytje says

    Is anyone getting tired of these stupid games in 'talk shows'.

  16. Abel Aguilar says


  17. Hannah Wadel says

    These womem give me hope. That I could be like them some day

  18. badboyofdanceflr11 Manalili says

    Idol lol

  19. Kathy and Arien says

    Third ones a charm?⚽️?

  20. Kreate says

    Now she was sitting on the bench the whole World Cup this year. Lol.

  21. Brad Lopez says

    I thought nearly all the water would come out

  22. scootscootriot1020 says

    Wardrobe and Makeup Departments for Mr. Corden, please.

  23. Lawbringer Jack says

    "Third time is a charm"Immediately makes it

  24. sev7n says

    It's football…

  25. mike taylor says

    Carli is badass, but it's always a wonderful moment when there is a chris tucker spotting

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