Cast Memories From 'The West Wing' Set | Entertainment Weekly


Aaron Sorkin, Bradley Whitford, Janel Moloney, Dulé Hill, Richard Schiff, Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Mary McCormack, Marlee Matlin and Thomas Schlamme remember some of the funny moments of filming The West Wing.
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Cast Memories From ‘The West Wing’ Set | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Linda Cummings says

    please just release the whole video, so we can enjoy all from these people.

  2. Mike Craig says

    I always remember a random scene when Josh is looking for his wallet and someone from the bullpen throws it to him from off camera…how random that you let your wallet go walkabout..ahah

  3. R MO says


  4. Ellen W says

    I absolutely hate when you miss an amazing show like this and then they don't just put it up in it's entirety. I don't care if you put ads in it I will sit through them I want to see the whole show!

  5. Joe says

    Has Martin Sheen ever spoken in these videos? Watched 4 of them and he has stayed quiet.

  6. TAS says

    Gosh I have missed them all Im going to rewatch the show ! Just amazing actors !!

  7. Bruce Jackson says

    Wow, I think Bradley Whitford stole all of my books. Or I stole his…

  8. Bernie Chatterton says

    It is all GOOD but WHERE IS ABBEY..FIRST LADY…Stockard Channing…she was a VITAL PART of this fabulous mosaic….I kept watching this show because of the excellent performances by Stockard…Martin…John and Allison..The rest of the actors were GOOD but just GUYS…

  9. Lisa Brown says

    I enjoy seeing Marlee and her interpreter. I would like to see more from Marlee.

  10. 221BSam says

    I’m literally bursting with happiness to see my all time favourite show being back in the mainstream entertainment sources this week! 😃 please, please, PLEASE release the whole thing EW?!!! PLEASE…

  11. Ashley Kay says

    Martin is just so happy.

  12. Sam Millner says

    Janel has not aged a DAY

  13. jayzhelle001 says

    EW please release the entire video. Thank you.

  14. Anya Sharma says

    I’m so happy the West Wing reunited for just a little! I have grown up with this show my entire life

  15. Starlysh says

    I would watch two hours of this. RELEASE IT ALL, EW! ❤️❤️

  16. Devin Chambers says

    Release the whole thing

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