Cathay Pacific Flight during Covid-19! YVR to HKG


Cathay Pacific Flight during Covid-19! YVR to HKG

Today, I flew on a Cathay Pacific flight from Vancouver International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport during a pandemic! The flight was 13 hours.

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  1. Andy says

    YVR has never looked so sad, international is usually jam packed with people lining up and streams of cars outside getting yelled at by guards to move along. This is so surreal! But wow you are so lucky to fly out during these times, I am trying to go to Manila to my fiance and I can't even get a ticket that isn't at least $2000+ in economy ? It is good to see CP still flying, one of the airlines I always liked. ?

  2. Jaden _is_g8 says

    was there popo at the airport?

  3. Laja Rengga Playz-Roblox says

    I like Cathay pacific A350 looks cool

  4. Laja Rengga Playz-Roblox says

    That's a A350

  5. alllearepro alllearepro says


  6. I_lovejava says

    Yas how was the food

  7. Le Epic Gamer Squad Official YT says

    Epic gamer moments

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