Chameleon colour change, Suppl Movie S4


Supplementary Movie 4:
Ex vivo colour change of an adult male Furcifer pardalis (Panther Chameleon) white skin sample induced by increasing osmolarity of the medium from 236 mOsm to 944 mOsm. The original video is accelerated 30x. The inset shows a 10x magnification of a single cell. This experiment indicates that individual S-iridophores experience a gradual shift in colour across the whole visible spectrum.

From the article “Photonic Crystals Cause Active Colour Change in Chameleons” by J. Teyssier, S.V. Saenko, D. van der Marel & M.C. Milinkovitch.
Nature Communications (2015).

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For correspondence: Michel C. Milinkovitch, Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution (LANE), Dept. of Genetics & Evolution, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

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