1. TheCoconut says

    Only if I was THAT skinny……. Starting my diet tomorrow….

  2. Ashley Thompson says

    Can anyone tell me what song this is???

  3. creolesocagirl says

    Love the outfit at 0:21. How can I recreate the tied top without it looking looking messy?

  4. mysonruns says

    LOVE your style!

  5. Yianna Hadjipanayiotou says

    i want to be that skinny…

  6. Lyndsay j says

    thanks for sending me this video! soo cute

  7. Patricia Bevc says

    Rumi, you're such an adorabe person and your style is sooo inspiring. Keep up the good work:)

  8. oonamomo says

    beautiful clothes!

  9. Kimberley Wong says

    That dress is to DIE for!

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