Check Out DISH’s Voice Remote with the Google Assistant Built-in


Finding your shows has never been easier with DISH’s Voice Remote. Simply say what you want and it’s on! Check out how to use voice commands, as well as some other must-use features of your remote.

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  1. Jamie Alvarado says

    My is not working it disconnected the control :[

  2. westfield90 says

    Voice is quite useless. I tell it to show my settings and says it can’t do that. I tell it to go to settings, it can’t do that.

  3. MM1771 says

    Does this only work with the Hopper 3 or will it work with the other Joeys? It’s not working for the joeys.

  4. Jennifer Stapp says

    Just had voice remote installed today with hopper 3. How do we include captions on all programs please

  5. Diane Henderson says

    Were is the on and off button

  6. bettye speed says

    We have had the 54 remote for a week and are till learning it. On line and mailed directions are very little help. My BIGGEST problem is turning it OFF at night! It will NOT go off on the power button, but says it will go into "standby". It doesn't even do that! HELP!

  7. Christy Ann Cormier says

    We have this @home..

  8. SupaStah01 says

    I got one in the mail but no instructions on how to connect it. Can't even find out how to by researching it. Dish is very frustrating.

  9. oldies_z Z says

    My controller volume button dont work

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