Chefs Attempt to Re-Create Gordon Ramsay's Dish | Hell's Kitchen


Season 4’s final three attempt to recreate Gordon Ramsay’s dish.

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In Hell’s Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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  1. iambored678 says

    When the video doesn't start until 3:50

  2. Shammy Boy says

    That first test was fucking stupid. He said there was six appetisers & only 5 mains so the waiter must have missed one off. What if the table ordered another appetiser to share? Stupid challenge and no way in the chefs fault

  3. PlayMaker v8.0.22 hufano says

    Nc play by the sue chef

  4. Marlon Claassen says

    3:20 wow thats fxcked up dude.

  5. big willy says

    She better watch it before I smack her damn just damn that's like if Gordon threatened to kick one of the girls asses just because he was told what to do

  6. ArchangelExile says

    My signature dish: Did I use Nissin Top Ramen, Maruchan Ramen, or Cup Noodles?

  7. King_V019 Uwu says

    Nobody: Black holes: I am the loudest thing in the universe. Dads: my sneeze is ACTUALLY the loudest thing. Gordon: Hold my lamb sauce.

  8. Chris Walker says

    This was easily my favorite season.

  9. Asian Dod says

    What's with Scott testing everyone?

  10. Exocentric says

    pours sauce without a clue in the worldGordan- Unbelievable!tastes sauce on the foodI caught the mistake, I just happened to be a little too late.

  11. Alison Reitz says

    This feels a lot longer than almost 8 minutes

  12. Lala Lala says

    Why does Gordon get so offended when Christina made an aeolie

  13. 610Vatorspeed says

    Lol she better watch it or im going to smack the shit outta her lmfao

  14. Zander R says

    Thought he said moron trays instead of more entrees 1:00

  15. zfamdam zfamdam says

    Corey is the worst

  16. StickyGrenade says

    Is this military?

  17. Savage Cabbage says

    now its 667 comments

  18. J St says

    Corey is a blowhard. It’s obvious she doesn’t fully believe in what she’s saying, she’s not actually a bold leader. It’s largely an attempt to impress Gordon and nothing more. Sometimes she even talks like him. “Ohhh fuck me”, for example.

  19. XTHEPUNISHERX 1995 says


  20. Kelly Hryniuk says

    Corey is beautiful ?

  21. rubert134 says

    Yes. Stick your finger in my food and then put it in your mouth. How gross is that?

  22. Sploof Mcsterra says

    Yeah but which puree was correct

  23. Brian Crowley says

    I saw the title and I knew this wasn’t gonna go well I actually said “oooooh” out loud

  24. Jasmine Carter says

    I get catching mistakes but people making mistakes for you to catch?

  25. Neon gurl says

    I would be so pissed if someone would scream the whole time: YES CHEF YES CHEF YES CHEF!!!. XD

  26. Darnell Lyons says

    YESSSS CHEF !!!!!!! ??‍??

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