Chelsea ● Road to Champions League Victory – 2011/12


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This video is about Chelsea their ultimate run to their first and only Champions League victory. They were massive underdogs and no one expected them to win it.
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  1. keee. vn says

    can chelsea doing that on 2nd leg against munchen

  2. Tom R says

    Epic video

  3. HandNotted says


  4. Longei Jesuhu says

    And the final was held at Bayern backyard.

  5. Jay Mazyopa says


  6. Jabulani Siyakangelani says

    history has a tendency of repeating

  7. Lucius Harris says

    Love you Chelsea, you will always be one of the best to this day. I have a feeling you will do even better in the premier league next season ?????????

  8. andrew ray says


  9. RedVarus says

    Chelsea are the team Messi has played the most minutes against (835 across ten matches); he did not score in his first 730 minutes facing the Blues!FAQS

  10. Mar135cos says


  11. Jorge Peralta says

    El equipo de mis amores

  12. Abheet Menghani says

    every team that faced Chelsea that season dominated in everything, but Chelsea always came on top and were unstoppable

  13. Ruma Dey says

    I hope cheslsea can win the 2019 /20 champions league

  14. Nikhil Sahijwani says

    It's still the most memorable moment for a Chelsea fan

  15. still loving the same person says

    Still cann't believe how they're winning againts prime Kross and Muller, damn Cech king.

  16. The epic TAYLORS says

    I wish Chelsea were as good as they were in 2012 right now

  17. Kairat BIZHAN says

    semi final and final Drogba fauled for penalty two times.

  18. Serigne Mansour TOURE says

    Drogba légend???

  19. Tuto Vibes says

    Nice video ?KTBFFH ?

  20. Callum Scott-Mills says

    Ramires would give Kipchoge a run for his money haha, the mans endurance was unreal up and down every minute at such pace. Not to mention scoring what I think was the most important goal Chelsea has ever scored. I completely lost faith going down at the Camp Nou and fully expected a 5 or 6 goal loss. The characters in that team were unreal, absolute winners; Cech, Drogba, Ivanovic, Ash Cole, Cahill, Lampard, Terry (until he kneed Sanchez) role models to anyone who wants to make it in football; few and far between in today’s world of Instagram footballers

  21. Sergio Ferreira says

    Messi missing another crucial penalty ?

  22. geovani ivan says

    Dat fucking Ashley Cole is everywhere… Ma lord

  23. Alijan Isakov says

    Небудетт никогда клуба как CHELSEA !!!! ALIJAN ISAKOV 2020 25 07 KORONAVIRUS

  24. Adam Liljegren says

    7:20 Jerry Seinfeld entered the studio

  25. TERROR SQUAD UG says

    Cech was at his best in UCL that season

  26. Rick Matsokotere says

    What is that sound at 6:41

  27. Ahmad Wazirul Alim bin Mazlan says

    Wait no no, for me Drogba and CECH Saved chelsea. No matter i look, cech is MVP for me. But i still respect Drogba for scoring that goal. But CECH was outstanding.

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