Chelsea 2-0 Wolves – Frank Lampard Post Match Interview


Frank Lampard’s post match interview Chelsea beat Wolves 2-0 in the last game of the Premier League season at Stamford Bridge to qualify for the next season’s UEFA Champions League.

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  1. Waqar aftab says

    Utd fan here, but what Frank Lampard has done is incredible, transfer ban, first proper season, and to get top 4 and a chance of winning a trophy. Got to hand it to the guy. Top player and a very good manager in the making.

  2. yash rajauria says

    Lampard rose to the occasion as a player and now has done the same as a manager in his first season ??

  3. Amlesh Baichu says

    What a man. Only he can dare to say fuck off to klopp face to face.

  4. stonedraider420 Toke toke says

    Frank has done amazing and for 30 years of supporting this team he is building is guna be a level about what most have seen from chelsea . I didn't think we would end as good as we have done regardless of fa Cup , bayern I still believe some madness will happen ? . Honestly I don't think I've seen as many players who are so comfortable on the ball in a team bar the legendary teams of mardrid or barca . Ziyech,werner,havertz, mount, kovacic, cheek, reece james , jorginho, pulisic, kante its unbelievable

  5. Greg Winston says

    He seems like he has the talent. But I can see him imploding if he doesn't relax a bit.

  6. Bobbie Gatimu says

    Westham called him a fat boy…. The British media said Gerald is better than him… His trophy cabinet as a player and goals scored is unmatched… Kloop continues to live in limbo saying Gerald should be his replacement.. England wake up this is the new Boss so support him.

  7. Most Legit Trapper says

    Quick question: Can Ziyech and Timo play against Bayern? I would love seeing then just playing given it's an almost lost game

  8. mabast 05 says

    Start caballero and giroud and pulisic in the fa cup final

  9. Jason Anthony Biggs says

    Kepa can be a world class goalkeeper but this season he been very lazy and poor just hasn't made the effort. I be happy for him to stay but he needs to sort himself out. Lampard definitely needs to buy a new goalkeeper as a wake up call to kepa. We need new defenders because most of our back 4 is not premier league standards. We also need a new winger to replace pedro and Maybe Willian so Lampard got a big rebuilding job ahead.

  10. El Doctor69 says

    Lost 12 games and they make UCL lol trash team

  11. Desire says

    mount is 21 not a teenager..

  12. Elijah says

    Mount's not a teenager

  13. Mukesh Anganne says

    Congratulations to all ManU n Chelsea fans for top 4 finish… ? Blood…

  14. Last Second says

    A very good job for his first premier league season (losing Hazard, Luiz, transfer ban and promoting baby blues in the first team. RESPECT

  15. Sammy7 dbest says

    To all the sceptics and especially the pundits always putting us down this was the best medicine for their mental disposition… CHELSEA THROUGH AND THROUGH???

  16. A Roshan says

    And I’m gonnna find you

  17. tranos marwei says

    Lampard is a top manager the challenge from our team is both defence and goal keeper

  18. Sandeep Humagain says

    Finally A high quality interview. Was sick of online interview bad quality..

  19. Min Chu Tong says

    united fan,To be honest, give all the challenges chelsea had, from the transfer ban to etc. Frank did a great great job by utilizing the roster to achieve top 4

  20. pappulive20four7 says

    Good achievement for Frankie.

  21. Robert Lindeman says

    What's going on with the left side of his chin? Get a better razor or go see a doctor.

  22. Gerv The 9erv says

    Is it just me or Lamps looking like Liam Neeson

  23. Dieylani Diagne says

    super frankie Legend!!!

  24. alex sanchez says

    Kepa is good, y’all are killing his spirit ??.

  25. Charskull says

    Caballero plays and actively makes the team better.

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