Post-match press conference with Chelsea manager Frank Lampard after his side’s 2-0 win over Wolves on the final day of the Premier League season.

The victory secured Champions League football next season for The Blues.

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  1. Venkatesh G says

    Congratulations on surviving the sack. Next season he might get sacked if he continues like this.

  2. 1termalus says

    Good game. Chelsea all the way! Kovacic really really worked hard. Super Frank!

  3. 치메라 says

    Lampard and his team did wonderfully well and that is the spirit of the Blues.

  4. mabast 05 says

    4:08 i don't wanna start singing my own praises

  5. Jeremy Godfrey says

    Future England Manager

  6. alexander moonen says

    What a season and what a job that Frank has done.Very impressed!

  7. Elie Naddour says

    Congrats frank lampard now let's win the fa cup for a bonus.

  8. Phil Edgar says

    This video should come with a tinnitus warning.. awful feedback at times, deafened! Loving a bit of Super Frank all the same!!

  9. Chelsea SW6 says

    We are blessed to have such a special human being managing our club, Frank is our man we love Frank and he had a free pass from the fans it was about him getting to grips with the roll of manager therefore no pressure what so ever but he has done magnificently well this season and for me he should be manager of the year, love Super Frank !!

  10. Shavkat Ziyodullayevich says

    Many congratulations, I’m really happy for the team’s performance, it was a great season for lads, Actually, it is not the time to relax at the moment, I really want to see that, how Frank will lift the FA cup in his first season!!!!!

  11. G M says

    From a Spurs fan…thanks for doing us a favour lads. Finish the job and don't let the goons win a cup this season. Hate cheering you on but you are the lesser of two evils.

  12. Vishal Parihar says

    This is how you give Tribute to a player that has done so much for your club . Not like the one who substituted everyone than the guy who deserved it . This is the Real Respect rather than giving lectures on respect .

  13. Jay C says

    Clas act as always, nice touch shouting out Pedro. Shame Tammy didn’t square him the ball to give him the send off he deserved.

  14. YB ONE says

    Love Frank. Even after top 4 he ain't happy. You can tell hes eyeing the big time and that's what we need from our manager. He is a born winner and this club needs someone like that in charge. Against all odds he managed this teams egos and personalities and dragged them to top 4. Back him all the way always will….

  15. JoeyCurran says

    Season is over, and his forehead looks smoother already.

  16. Danny 1201 says

    Love how he talked about pedro at the end

  17. dundon9999 says

    Legend.No one gave us a chance to get top 4 for obvious reasons, but Frank brought out the very best in Kovacic (my player of the season), Jorginho, Pulisic (going to be one of the best) and every youngster that came through. Lovely class touch by Frank to acknowledge Pedro who has won literally everything you can an a club and international player, top servant for the club.

  18. Dave Fincher says

    I hope Chelsea doesn’t get used to much about this sort of situation. I agree with Jose as a pundit he said that It could be like that Chelsea in General to used to win in a inconsistent basis and just to compete for the spots rather than compete for the premiership I really really hope it’s not gonna be like that. It was transition year yes but not for 2 years they need to picking up the major trophy’s not the caraboa or fa cup this is not what really counts .. Chelsea would not be globally admired in the past 20 years when they didn’t won the European cups and league titles. I hope the expectations will be as usually that to WIN and not just to challenge for the premiership and champions league otherwise the incoming star players will question the club’s expectations ..

  19. Matthew jansen van vuuren says

    CHELSEA ??

  20. Abhi king says

    Looking forward for more rocket league beanyman from Twitch ?

  21. Christian Hernandez says

    It's over if they sign soyoncu, kalidou, and a decent keeper

  22. Eston Siakayumu says

    Congrats super Frank for your success this season looking at the conditions you have had this season. Big up boss???

  23. Ibrahim Singhateh says

    Well deserve win gaffer come on blues ???

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