Chelsea 4-0 Man United | N'Golo Kante Scores Superb Solo Goal | Premier League Classic Highlights


In honour of N’golo Kanté’s 29th birthday, take a look back at this dominant 4-0 victory over Manchester United which included his stunning first solo goal for the Blues.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  1. UncleRayRay11 says

    De Gea was so drunk for that 1st goal ??‍♂️ so relaxed after conceding too ?

  2. Sam says

    5:46 Kepa will never save this shot

  3. Albassam Bakili says


  4. Samir Mandal says

    From this match onwards Chelsea won 13 Consecutive Games under the Great Coach Conte Sir with the formation of 3-4-3 and finally Chelsea won the Premier league of 2016-17. Salute You Conte Sir.

  5. aahilj says

    i miss this chelsea

  6. oussama osa says

    We'll see this time ???

  7. Andy says

    Ngolo Messi

  8. Ben Abbot says

    Why does the description say superstars like kepa

  9. Allan H says

    This is glorious! … F*ck Man Utd!… Chelsea must go back to those wonderful times!

  10. wellington Paurosi says

    That last save from Thibault… Not this useless kepa

  11. Siddhant Patil says

    We have already beaten Chelsea 3 times this season and the 4th win is coming soon

  12. Ravshan Kosimov says

    челси мы за вас вперёд

  13. Mimi Mbaukwu says

    only about 4 players that started this game e still at the club for united? really says a lot

  14. novanfog ia says

    Stupid defender Smalling

  15. Ibraahim Abdi says

    19/20 _ Manchester United 4_ Chelsea _0

  16. Umar Alif Hoe Moe says

    Damn this is what I call the golden times mourinho as manager and many other great people

  17. Solid Snake says

    Smaldini vs luiz Legends of the game

  18. Owais Islam says

    Will never forget conte 343 formation and the tactics brought the best out of every player and even Marcos alonso and Victor Moses. In the middle Kante and matic was just beautiful

  19. RoamingDoggo420 says

    Is just me or does one of the commentators sounds like they are doing ASMR

  20. Bago Boy says


  21. James Mulwana says

    Many vs spers

  22. Kamali Campbell says

    Rewatching this now is so weird cause the stadium is full of supporters?

  23. Muhammad Hanif Hasballah says

    nice match..

  24. labidi chakib says

    لما كان فخر الشعر يلعب 30 دقيقة في الموسم

  25. joejoe joe says


  26. joejoe joe says


  27. joejoe joe says

    good boy chelsea ???????????????

  28. Shraddha Uchiha says

    Kante first goal ?

  29. moray toba says

    I can't wait for the season to continue

  30. Farhan Imran says

    Will miss pedro,goodluck at as roma!!!!???

  31. mabast 05 says

    Kante is the next Makelele??

  32. François Maurice says

    I come back once in a while to watch Kante's goal. I dont know why, but I get such a happy feeling when he scores. Almost tears of joy.

  33. Athay Phom says

    Defenders were good but the tactic was wrong for United

  34. Apek predators Gaming says

    Conte back

  35. miguel angel prieto bello says

    pedro scores in the first minute

  36. plushly says

    I miss kepa

  37. Angel Tan says

    now we united destroy u 4-0 this time

  38. Hugo Vinícius Vieira Fernandes says

    TBT de Hoje ?⚪ Blues

  39. Bryan David Kalolo says

    Do you have a problem with Antonio Conte? Are you not allowed to show his face because of some kind of contract?

  40. Natural Power says

    How mike shmalling made it as a footballer i will never know. Chelsea GOATS

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