Chelsea 5-1 Tottenham | Drogba & Lampard Wonder Goals Sink Spurs | FA Cup Classic Highlights


Chelsea thrashed Tottenham to set up an FA Cup final meeting with Liverpool.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  1. Schon Raymond says

    Did your manager even play football?…..4:56

  2. Jacob Walden says

    Tottenham’s goalkeeper Mr. Fettuccine had some good saves this game

  3. Tinashe Robert Murerekwa says

    Juan Mata assists

  4. GTR EL says

    King Drogba miss you

  5. Adithya 09 says

    Ramires used to be too underrated man

  6. prince celebrity says

    Drogba mr wembley

  7. Jack Kocha says

    Drogba was a different breed

  8. Osman Ahmed says

    Who's watching in 2020

  9. Smridu ikeja says


  10. Keredhi says

    ? ????? LEGENDS

  11. mm43501 says

    This was the year when Lampard and Drogba were treated as finished by the club and AVB, who constantly benched them. And in this game, and in their celebrations, you can see the pride and the desire of revenge of these two legends, keeping leading the team, creating, and scoring goals, and basically dragging the club to an incredible winning season.

  12. Light says

    mata should have never left chelsea

  13. dat new says

    I miss ramires, he was ice cold ❄️. Remember the chip he did against barca?

  14. Galeri Masak says

    Good chelsea

  15. Amjad GHABRA says

    In 2012 Malouda was still there ! He was one of Chelsea main heroes in 2010 double but this man evapourized after 2012. I dont know where he went.

  16. Ryan says

    Joe Cole => Juan Mata => Eden Hazard Best number 10 in chelsea !

  17. heartbreak3r says

    what the Lampard goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Xerox0928 says

    Ramires just loved to score goals that killed hope.

  19. Emmanuel Masunga says

    Lampard's free kick is superb

  20. Peter E says

    That first goal is such a Drogba goal, long ball fired up to him, has no right to even get it much less take it on the chest flick it past Gallas and then smash it into the net, what a baller.

  21. Azam Didier says

    just before this game Bale said "…we are better than Chelsea"

  22. gochi kaur says

    Who can return years back i miss those days when we used to have great players who puts smile on our faces

  23. Dhani Wibisono says

    I see Mr London there, William gallas

  24. Duy Nguyen says

    Mata ?

  25. Atom Alisaid says

    mata was a genius

  26. fiasko dollari says

    Can someone tell me what position ramires was playing at Chelsea man was literally everywhere in the pitch and scoring goals

  27. fiasko dollari says

    Drogba was the best at doing what he knows best

  28. Joseph Seed says


  29. Trịnh Đăng WinX says

    I love Chelsea❤️

  30. Kovic says

    Lord Drogba!!!

  31. Julio Oliveira says

    Roberto Do Mateo pra mim o melhor técnico.Até hoje não entendo sua saída. Treinador que daria muito mais títulos ao Chelsea.

  32. Malcolm Ng says

    5 of the most delightful goals to watch from the classic chelsea spine

  33. Gustiyan Mahardika says

    I'm just glad that Bale had the professionalism to tap that ball in.

  34. Aji Pratama says

    The best Goal Keeper everPetr Cech

  35. lieut1985 says

    Chelsea vs. ex-Chelsea players (Gallas, Scott Parker, Cudicini)

  36. Caesar Andres says

    Yeah. Drogb . Teach Ade how to do it..

  37. Darreem Lindsay says

    Let’s not overlook Juan Mata maestro class. Chelsea shouldn’t have sold him.

  38. Devin Vin says


  39. mu1rur1 says

    This game was amazing

  40. Victor Kings says

    Drogba remains our best striker ever. He scores from anywhere. I miss him

  41. Geoffrey says

    Chip master Ramires

  42. ellaza chanel says


  43. Manqoba Mavundla says

    King Drogba ??

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