Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal | Record Win In Wenger's 1000th Game | Premier League Classic Highlights


Ahead of Sunday’s Premier League meeting at the Emirates, take a look back at a classic match between Chelsea and Arsenal – an emphatic 6-0 win which included a bizarre red card and some great goals.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  1. Eathe?! says

    andre schurrle was a beast!!!

  2. Mut - says

    My god Matic was world class that season

  3. FuZeD x Ollie - Electric YouTube says

    Apparently, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gibbs are identical according to Andre Marriner

  4. david villa says

    Eto'o was such a beast.Us Barca fans never wanted him to go

  5. Rowan CFC says

    Here when where tired with them in the fa cup final

  6. Omniknight says

    Record Loss in Wenger's 1000th Game or is that adding more salt to the wound?

  7. pizza says

    We will do this to them again in the fa cup final

  8. rohit gurung says

    Youtube algorithm predicting the future

  9. Phiter Njathi says

    I miss Andre Schülle

  10. anuj gulia - 118 says

    Happy retirement Schurrle

  11. Dmemee Ekekiiww says

    Funny thing is gibs got sent off instead off chamberlin

  12. Mohamad Harris says

    Why chelsea sold schurlle? He’s good

  13. hasriz says

    This is the most annoying commentator ever

  14. Daryl Jan Alonzo says

    All great from chelsea line up

  15. Chelsea Boy says

    «Classic match»

  16. Rizky Raa [4fri1_wr1] says

    No one talk about Schurrle contribution in this match…He is really impressif performance

  17. Jake H says

    Admin showing no mercy ?

  18. Muhammad Dawood says

    I think you forget 5-3 at Stamford bridge❤??

  19. Henry Yang says

    Chelsea could have add Hazard, Salah and De Bruyne as its attacking core, and then you add Kante… Sheesh

  20. Resaldi Ramadhan Putra says

    it's salah at the last one

  21. Resaldi Ramadhan Putra says

    arteta wkwk -.-

  22. MrStonecold69 says

    03.44i did not know Mo Salah played for ChelseaHow the hell did Liverpool get him

  23. Track Fiction says

    Still can’t believe we let Salah slip through the cracks.

  24. Bago Boy says


  25. Spike Neil says

    I wonder if Wenger saw that 😉

  26. Jaya Ramesh says

    Hope Oscar comes back to the Premier League.Waste of Some Absolute talent.

  27. Blvck Max says

    This is the Chelsea we all miss…

  28. Patrick Stone says

    Imagine losing 6-0 in your 1000th game

  29. Даурен Аскаров says

    So who was the coach of Chelsea when they decided that Salah was not good?

  30. JOHNNYCFC24 says

    Still can’t believe Mourinho sold Salah and KDB if we had of kept them with Hazard we would be unreal

  31. Kingover says

    Savage title

  32. Ravėėñarv Añchėlløtė says

    Baby faced Salah ?

  33. Xerox0928 says

    I was very happy for Chelsea after that win..But honestly i was sorry for Kieran Gibbs. Even Oxlade-Chamberlain said, he was guilty and ref sent off Gibbs. I am human and I have feelings, you know? xD

  34. Damian Kraicek says


  35. Jacquie Howell says

    This is how many times Chelsea scores||||

  36. Super Samba FC says


  37. Sarath Chandra says

    Wenger is a fraud

  38. Isabel María says

    I remember I almost broke my three fingers celebrating those goals lol

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