1. ConstantBit9 says

    Still worth in 2020

  2. Nicolas Andrade says

    YOU WORKED ON OK KO AND SPIDER VERSE that is probably why you stopped making YouTube videos…

  3. P says

    She worked on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  4. Michael Serrano says

    0:35 my favorite part idk y

  5. Jenan Asadi says

    Teach me!

  6. Melonhead the Cherry Bomb says

    Someone has been on Disney!

  7. chrisphoenix77 says

    She works on the TMNT cartoon on Nick.

  8. H.M. Murdock says

    you totally should work for disney. then, eventually, own it

  9. HailerHybrid says


  10. LionAliana says

    eBay is the name of the movie at 0:25-

  11. Michael Lebedev says

    Is it hard to join Disney? I'm so curious about that…

  12. StarlightViolet Films says

    Those are her original characters animated to a scene from Finding Nemo. You can find the characters on her Tumblr.

  13. Block Head says

    whats the cartoon from 0:35 – 0:51 ? I don't think i've seen it before o.o

  14. Shaul Bar-Lev says


  15. peter h says

    Lately I have felt discouraged and beaten. Watching people hurt and broken. But this! Your animation is beautiful , I can't wait to show this to my friends!

  16. ProjectZuel says

    Lovely, well timed animation. More views deserved.

  17. Praveen Karthigan says

    I almost spend 3 hours looking at your work .. Very nice work !!!

  18. רוני איתן says

    Lovely animation

  19. Sahmei Harumi says

    you. are. awesome! subscribing! 😀

  20. Jam-N-Ham says

    This whole thing amused me greatly. 8]

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