1. Anny Nwakali says

    Leicester 2 ~1 Man Utd, Chelsea 2 ~ 0 Wolves

  2. witkamp says

    This David is a plank. Someone must tell that plank Liverpool have 19 titles Chelsea 6.Football did begin in 2005.

  3. witkamp says

    Liverpool never even got out of 3rd gear. LOL

  4. HZ G says

    Men gotta learn to speak in turn…Anita's great at waiting patiently without jumping in unnecessarily.

  5. Michael Carrion says

    Lol, back in January rival fans were saying this was the weakest league ever and that's why Liverpool hadn't lost a game. Now Terry is saying that the middle of the table is strong as a reason for Man utd and Chelsea having lower point totals.Liv>points = weak leagueMan utd and Chelsea<points = stronger leagueTime stamp around 16 mins

  6. Sanjay Sharma says

    Lampard was surrounded by great players at Chelsea, so was able to achieve what he did, hence he was just another player part of the great chelsea team and wasnt having to carry Chelski.Gerrard on the other hand was a greater influence on a average liverpool team, he carried Liverpool on many occasions including CL and FA Cup triumph.Based on the above, I would say Gerrard is better, though I'm not knocking Lampard, he was also a great player.

  7. christopher slee says

    Is this the live action version of the muppets?

  8. Abraham Chinye says

    hazarf is far better than salah tbh

  9. Bruno Dacruz says

    I said we would batter the crap of chelsea after what they posted on twitter before the match wasn't clever . And they got thumpedMy head said Liverpool 2-1 chelseaMy heart said Liverpool 4-0 chelsea And it looks like my heart was right .Chelsea have the same team that we had in 16/17 season . Good in attack but bad in defence.It's all good getting attackers if you can't defend.I warned my mates who mocked me at college in 2014 and 2019 that revenge is my middle name. And that Liverpool will win the title and they are serious trouble.

  10. Like it or leave it SNM says

    Chelsea are not getting top 4 ?????

  11. Darragh O'Reilly says

    Trent goes clear of awb after that fuck me

  12. Sean Anthonisz says

    Klopp in his first season with LFC finished 8th, Lampard with hardly any experience and a transfer ban is rit now with the team in 4th and in an FA CUP final, imagine when Lampard builds his side what will happen ?

  13. Mac Bearer lfc says

    That David guy is a pure and utter bell end.how can all these so-called fans call themselves fans yet know bugger all about their clubs history?.when I was a kid we didn't have the vast amount of info from the internet,if I wanted to learn more about my clubs history I'd have to go to local library's and read books.i proberly know more about Chelsea and united than all of these millennials and I'm a Liverpool fan?.good god what's wrong with the world.

  14. Mas A says


  15. pisstakecentral says

    Stop bullying ram

  16. Pratik Rao says

    While it's heartbreaking if Leicester don't make the Champions League, I think they can win the Europa League next season.

  17. Sankalpa Khanal says

    He means defenders gravitate towards hazard.. he wons most fouls and attract tackles ..could've used other word.. but what he means aint wrong

  18. Lee Mo says

    Terry do these videos alone. Read out comments do the analysis by yourself like u used to. These vids are not enjoyable. You are far more captivating alone.

  19. REEPO says

    We got one , its more recently then Chelsea, who living in the past now ? Chelsea history Channel

  20. REEPO says

    Chelsa got to turn a 30+ points gap next season

  21. G Don says

    ANOTHER Pogba mistake (best cm in the world apparently)

  22. Keaton Richardson says

    What a finish to the season. 3rd 4th 5th 6th all playing each other.

  23. REEPO says

    Nick pope or Dean Henderson for next Chelsea GK , Liverpool fan here

  24. oj irving says

    I love when u all get ahead of yourselves that’s 1 thing with Liverpool we were never mourners it this 30 years all u privilege clubs think top 4 r the tittle belong to u!!! Nope I don’t we don’t spend money u all spend like crazy ? n still there is no plan at ur club Liverpool all 5 goals were world class not 1 thing the keeper could do Chelsea should have got 10 show me how ur gonna say we were for the taking wen we waste waste goals “ how sway”

  25. REEPO says

    Wolves ain't a push over , Chelsea fans

  26. Sreejith PS says

    Werner, ziyech and now eying havertz these transfers are not going that much of a change if the defence is not sorted out. Attack wins you fans, but defence wins you titles.

  27. William Cummings says

    Who gives a shit where David puts Gerrard, Gerrard is the best midfielder to ever play in the PL.

  28. William Cummings says

    lmao, "haven't won it in grander style" we're sat on more points than United have ever managed in a PL season. FOH

  29. William Cummings says

    Nah David we're on 19, you're on 6, you PRICK. We're on 6 you're on 1. Bellend

  30. Aov Beast says

    Deluded Chelsea fans

  31. Jatin S. says

    How much have the recent head injuries to Brandon, Eric and Harry affected with Paul in that split second? Still no excuses for a pro player, let alone someone on astronomical wages.

  32. Scept_yt21ghost says

    Bruno said he was sad about the fa cup of something he hope for and now Bruno gonna score more goals in premier league

  33. Shivam Kumar says

    He's not Baby Keita he's Naby Lad?

  34. William Cummings says

    Dickhead's here talking about Pulisic's 1st goal, it was an assist you moot. Catching Leicester isn't an achievement baldy. All this talk of being unbeaten, comeback rah rah rah, you have the potential of equaling last season's 66 points, after spunking another £200m

  35. voodoochile333 says

    Obviously ffp will be impotent against all these Chelsea signings?

  36. Mark Msibi says

    united need va de beek

  37. NitoNova says

    I come here for rival fan salt. We're champions baby!!! ????? How ya'll aren't talking about Baby Keita?! How unplayable was he?!As soon as he was subbed we almost lost. Liverpool were rampant & careless but too damn strong for this league. Hahaha!!! Feels great to see my captain lifting that red ribbon beauty ?

  38. Aov Beast says

    Why are people smashing kepa after last nights game, none of the goals were saveable

  39. desertman1962 says

    Over the whole season Chelsea & Leicester deserve to be top 4.Frank spent nothing but Ole spent £200 million.Unbelievable Chelsea fans comparing them to Liverpool – you are 33 points behind and a 37 goal difference.

  40. Clifford Ganaseb says

    @TheFootballTerrace Which software are you using to facilitate this broadcast? Zoom/Skype/Google Meetings/OBS? Its well produced mate. Good job, keep it up.

  41. Bobby Vuksanovich says

    That’s a silly title

  42. stephen smart says

    This is the problem with Modern Day Football. We speak with each other, Roy Keane was right. Wimbledon or Twickenham Guys.

  43. Hilboy K says

    Man united fans are celebrating as if chelsea was 100% sure of beating liverpool that too at anfield. We knew we will lose this game anyways it was just a hope that we try and pick a point. So this doesnt change anything for chelsea going into weekend. United should b worried how they played against west ham bcoz leicester will kill united with same performance.

  44. Avi Soussan says

    Terry says Chelsea got slapped, 5-3 isn’t getting slapped. Example of slapped was Chelsea vs Man U 3-1, 100% slapped.

  45. Hilboy K says

    I love that the Terry arrogance is back just bcoz chelsea lost to champions. I hope he keeps laffing post the sunday games. ?

  46. The Big Screen Music says

    Started out interesting but this dragged out too long lol. Too many arguments but still enjoyed ?

  47. Steve Robertz says

    Beg for more likes lmaoo

  48. Mario 27 says

    Prime is a fucking shit show, why does he talk a load of arse every episode

  49. Jay Anthony says

    That was fucking delicious watching them Chelsea mugs expose themselves ?

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