Chelsea News: Lampard's New Defender Target! Kai Havertz To Chelsea Close? Personal Terms Agreed?


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Chelsea News: Lampard’s New Defender Target! Kai Havertz To Chelsea Close? Personal Terms Agreed?

In today’s Chelsea News Video,

Today’s video contains stories on Chelsea Football Club, Kai Havertz, bayer leverkusen, Timo Werner, Saïd Benrahma, Phillipe Coutinho, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Project Restart, Jadon Sancho, Dortmund, Victor Osimhem, Moussa Dembele, Dries Mertens, Frank Lampard, Napoli, Premier League, Chelsea Transfer Window, Chelsea News, Chelsea Rumours, Chelsea rebuild, Lampard, Chelsea Signings, Chelsea Transfer Targets & MORE!

The future is bright for CFC.

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  1. Yan's Yard says

    Come sub here for silly videos x

  2. Kumar NIPOM says

    I would be in a dreamland if Kai Havertz's deal goes through. It would be massive. Also, keen on new faces in positions: CB (Koulibaly), LB (Chilwell) & GK (Oblak/Onana/Stegen). A new era for CHELSEA FC !! I would prefer Chelsea to offload Michy, Kepa, Drinkwater, Kennedy, Moses & Bakyoko.

  3. Peoples Ambassador DM says

    Kai havertz to Chelsea isn't happening… sad

  4. Galactus Pro says

    why is Jan update old post? xD

  5. John O' Sullivan says

    Don't want Havertz. He's lazy in tracking back. Loses the ball alot. He lacks the physicality needed for the premier league . No way is he worth 80 million. Waste of money. Chelsea should use that money to strengthen the defence and sign a GK. No need at all for Havertz. Don't want him

  6. scenczyk1429 says

    Personally would like to see us try and pick up Alaba from Bayern. He is a player they could potentially sell and he could deal with the CB/LB problem we have. If needed.Of course, along with a keeper and potentially Kai.

  7. GET_IN_THE_VAN says

    We don't need another attacking wide player, we already got pulisic and ziyech, we need a defender and a goalkeeper

  8. cjboiplays live! says

    Imagine kepa going and then they sign oblak and oblak is a failure and kepa becomes the best

  9. lloydymk2013 says

    Kepa is a professional footballer and gets paid plenty money to be able to take criticism, you need have a word with Yourself, not everyone in this world are delicate little flowers. How the fuck do u have a football channel giving news and u don't knkw who giminez is? Ffs out your depth much? , people get away with pretending to be anything nowadays

  10. Kevin Ossom says

    Agree with what you said about Kepa. People really need to grow up.

  11. Youtube Mickz says

    Werner Pulisic. Havertz. Ziyech Kanté. Kovacic Chilwell. Tomori. Gimenez. Azpiliquata Oblak

  12. Fraud says

    would love to see Havertz get minutes as false 9 for the Blues

  13. G mann says

    Need pacey full back . Cbs are still good zouma and rudiger are not that bad.

  14. divine dan eneh says

    How about Onana

  15. Anthony Freeman says

    Our goalkeeping staff is excellent I’m pretty sure it’s still the same one from when Cech was there I just don’t think kepa is the right sort of keeper for the prem Onana or oblak or possibly others with a decent awareness and positioning

  16. Anthony Freeman says

    Hate that kepa he just cant jump just looks shaky as soon as any shot from distance and can’t challenge in the box from corners just no way a premier league elite goalie but could suit la liga

  17. eric donason says


  18. dazt66 says

    How have got any followers, such an annoying voice

  19. Anon says

    As long as people dont disrespect leverkusen.

  20. Shemaiah Sam says

    Chelsea Media watch mentioned Gimenez, so I doubt it will happen but they did not mention Oblak. I want Oblak more than the top defensive targets.

  21. Fb Fc says

    Alphonse Areola

  22. Mitchell Igbafa says

    Am i the only one that feels "kai" will be injury plagued at chelsea ?‍♀️ just saying

  23. HennyTrillz says

    I like the highlights (Havertz) you added Yan, pls continue to do that when you touch on specific players

  24. The Big Screen Music says

    9:13 “fink about THat” haha English people speak funny ? “fink about fat” or “fink about vat”

  25. Fotis Alevizos says

    dude you're such a clickbaiter! you always say nothing of importance

  26. Nico Kwesi says

    With Kai havertz we gonna start killing games quickly

  27. Martin French says

    Your great analysis is definitely enhanced by video footage of football. I don't know ho much you are encumbered by licensing issues, but the more play video you can drop in the better

  28. AF says

    Simeone's assistant would be "apparently now the Russian wants Gimenez" ?

  29. Mo Fo says

    Bro… the 5 goals we conceded against Liverpool, not a single one is Kepa’s fault, one was Willian mistake, 2nd one, there was no free kick and the other 3 are all central defenders fault, don’t let the social make him a scapegoat…

  30. StiberianHusky says

    You’re so right about Kepa. Thanks for saying that. We can accept that he’s not up to Chelsea’s standard but treat the man like neighbor ??‍♂️

  31. natsemor says

    I'm not gonna lie I don't watch every athletico game but I watch quite a few. So about gimenez he is an excellent center half who I think of as a baby Godin. Heis an absolute beast in the air and has a incredible game lecture that allows the lad to cut pass ligns. He also has very good leadership qualities and is not afraid to shout at his teammates . Plus as you brilliantly mentionned in your video he is coached by simeone, so he also has hunger to win matches and never abandons. Nevertheless he still has two negatives/weaknessesHe has had trouble with injuries recently which has sometimes stop him from being consistent throughout the season.The second negative which is not a weakness is that atleti will never let him go, he is simply too takented for that, the only way I imagine them let him go would be with an important bid of the blues around 65-75M (it's only my estimation) which for me is too much considering we will sign havertz?I tried to do my best to inform you about jose gimenezPS: I'm just 13 so if the review is bad and has lots of spelling mistakes I m sorry

  32. Hannu-Pekka Alamäki says

    We need defensive midfielder who can battle and run. We have enough of dribblers.

  33. Hannu-Pekka Alamäki says

    Why that terrible metallic sound in your voice.

  34. Lori K says

    What are your thoughts about Lampard moving Mount into a DCM (#6)? With Havertz at the 10, Kava at the 8.

  35. Ambi says

    "doesnt drop conversation" xD im imagining a defender having a full conversation with the defender next to him while casually blocking screamers

  36. Brolin Billings says

    I'd love to see new about Chelsea signing Alphonso Davies lol

  37. IBRAHIM USMAN says

    Pls buy oblak

  38. Danny kevin Bedford says

    I don’t have much hope in Kia this story this has been going on for to long is this deal going to happen or not I love my Chelsea been a blue for 45yrs will this deal happen ?

  39. Charlie Albert says

    Correct me if I am wrong but Chelsea fans do you think our defense and goalkeeping situation is that bad or are the defensive coaches a big part of the blame? Last year with David luiz and the same defense we didn’t concede nearly as many goals. What is the root of the problem this season?

  40. Zeeshan Ahmed says

    Gimenez is a good player but doesn't he have a lot of muscle injuries so far in his career?also I think Umtiti is also available… even though he has also had his fair share of injuries

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