Chelsea News: The Kepa Solution? UCL Qualification Changes Transfer Stances? Willian To Stay Or Go?


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Chelsea News: The Kepa Solution? UCL Qualification Changes Transfer Stances? Willian To Stay Or Go?

In today’s Chelsea News Video,

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  1. Yan's Yard says

    Help me get this channel up to 10k too! (Non-football vlog style content) <3

  2. terrinard2006 says

    We should explore a loan move to Leeds for Kepa. He has a good relationship with Bielsa, Leeds need to upgrade their squad, this could be the best outcome. Playing in the same league and under Bielsa will improve his confidence and him overall as a player. No harm trying.

  3. Ram Prasad says

    Yan, what about you and George Benson discussing about Chelsea's Premier season ?

  4. mcsheffery16 says

    Has anyone noticed we look absolutely fine defensively when kepa doesn't play. Cbs are fine when willy plays

  5. Terra Matela says

    I still think I would prefer Benrahma, regardless?? I think his wages are a lot lower than Willian's and could easily fit into the squad. Just a very exciting player with at a very low cost ??Chelsea transfer news are boring now ?? so repetitive!! Just wish Marina and Frank Lampard would spill the beans on what the plan is for next season ???

  6. Emanuel Low says

    WiLIAN the braziLIAN is my fav sentence

  7. Kyle Boss says

    Why is Frank trying to get the whole England squad?

  8. Mokhtar thiago says

    Onana Chilwel Bennacer ???

  9. ImJustKish says

    Buy nick pope who's 28, loan kepa for 2-3 years. By the end of the loan pope will be declining and we can assess kepa (hopefully he improved) otherwise we can sell him and make pope second choice and buy a new keeper

  10. Trublu72 Lewis says

    Mr Therapy have you been keeping track of Victor Moses at Inter?Has been putting in a lot of lethal crossed for goals or goal scoring opportunities.Is he still on our books?Might be worth considering for an attacking option.

  11. Alex Dehaan says

    I think you summed up the Willian situation really well. I'd love for him to agree to a 2 year deal!

  12. Stutz Stutzman says

    Willian come to the MLS!!!!

  13. Lil_GMR. playz says

    we should stop relying aging players

  14. Even Berhane says

    Bruh they should get donarumma

  15. zubayr zakariya says

    People dont recognize the similarity between hazard last season an willian this season, he takes the pace out of the game when needed an helps Chelsea gain control of them match by keeping the ball, he's a good ball carrier as well, that's why before mount scores the free kick we didnt have control of the match fully, we cant fully rely on the youth just yet and a player like willian is needed to help us see out matches.

  16. Dale r Warner says

    William to stay

  17. trickyd072 says

    I’m on the train that kepa will be revisited after the eventual and certain loan and after not still be valued too high. He returns and competed with whichever successor we buy this window and we end up in 2 years too solid goalkeepers.

  18. Lil_GMR. playz says

    we should sell alonso to barca cos they want him and we should profit from that. I want us to do a double swoop for tagliafico and chilwell

  19. tibu johnson says

    Why keep a player that is Utter shit for 3 more years??? Let him go and free up some financial space…..why do we keep him?? This is the most bullshit you ever you talked…..Kepa to become a monster in 2 years and Chelsea will regret it…KDB…Salah

  20. tibu johnson says

    Willian goals scoring looks good because he's taking penalties!!!!! He has to work hard for the ball because he's always losing it….Willian is an average player

  21. Blink Sone says

    Lamps already got Ziyech and Werner for his vision and probably will get Havertz why do you say he didnt get anyone yet?

  22. jalecia forde says

    William is staying that is good

  23. jalecia forde says

    Don't buy benchill

  24. Lil_GMR. playz says

    oh no yans beard is coming back!

  25. Jared John says

    Nick pope for me. Would like henderson as well but united won’t sell to us. Onana is an upgrade over kepa but I don’t rate him that highly. He’d improve us but not to the level that we want to be at. Oblak is the pipe dream but, lol

  26. scottydog2010 says

    I agree Yann keep Willian as we have Giroud for another season, this may not go down well but I wish we had kept Cahill for another season to shore up our defence

  27. Van P Sithole says

    Olé G,,take this chilwell and free us from stress ,,,rather keep Alonso than chilyB

  28. Neftaliem Abraham says

    And Giround (sorry if i spelt it wrong)

  29. Oladipupo D. Faleye says

    He earns 190k* a week

  30. Declan Ireland says

    Willian needs to be kept. Compromise could be 3 year deal with 50% wage cut for final year… still a lot of dough for a 34 year old.

  31. Kejaun Joseph says

    Icl yan waffles for like 2 mins before he acc starts talking it’s mad annoying I just skip to 1:30 every time

  32. Neftaliem Abraham says

    Abraham must go

  33. Jeff Wright says

    Kepa should have learned English by now what a ignorant prick. A keeper has to be able to talk to his defenders he’s been here long enough he should be fluent in English

  34. Killer Tomato says

    Chillwell is shocking defensively

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