Chelsea REJECT Kante bid + WORST FIFA RATINGS EVER! ► Daily News


On Today’s Daily News – Inter’s Kante offer rejected, Giroud agrees provisional Juve deal, FIFA ratings cause a stir, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!

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  1. OneFootball English says

    FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt’s:Marseille 2-1 PSGLiverpool 3-1 LeedsChelsea’s Werner to get a debut goal v Brighton

  2. hdod. Andu says

    Timo hattrick on monday

  3. Aashish Goodman says

    germany , german league, german league players have always been underrated since the invention of football. even during euro cup, wordcup , champions league. germany and german cups are always underrated. people really love to lick epl and laliga's ass

  4. movindu athukorla says

    Can we just talk about Christian pulisic being a 81 rated non rare….?

  5. Arihant Tyagi says

    Ea robbed Lingard

  6. Sumble sheikh says

    FIFA 21 is dumb Neymar 91 what the hell he gave the biggest comeback physically and mentally by reaching the champions league final + winning the french cup < BALE 79 !!!! :{ THAT IS WORSE THAN JESSE LINGARD

  7. Jo Antony says

    Bayern destroy Barca 8-2, win the most important title in the world, and continue to dominate Germany, Fifa 21: I just don't think they are that good

  8. MUNEERA S A says

    What about messi he has the highest rating 🤣🤣

  9. Mario Joseph says

    EA o don't think they no longer have player ratings advisors from Europe or South America or Asia..It looks like they as some of the local "Soccer" coaches to look at a few videos and give a rating!BS!!

  10. Timeout says

    Juve always doing that stupid bullshit

  11. Tigran Ter-Matevosyan says

    Ronaldo became 92 for scoring 38 goals. As well being the best player in world and in history

  12. Ninad Ajane says

    I think Leeds draw with Liverpool

  13. Emma - wir uns kennenlernen says

    0:41 unbelievable

  14. faith chimbwero says

    arsenal 3-0 debut goal for gabriel

  15. onen bazil says

    Good energy! Whatever you eat before; is doing you great. Jokes aside; great show. Thanks

  16. Vimal Jeswani says

    Spurs 3-1 EvertonLiverpool 4-0 LeedsArsenal 3-2 Fulham

  17. Sultan Abanomy says

    Spurs will draw against Everton 2-2 and James Rodriguez will score

  18. Aarif 138 says

    Tottenham 2-1 Everton

  19. Moha Salem says

    Matt doesn’t know that Lewa’s fifa 20’s rating is 89 and he’s 91 now …

  20. Suhas Puranik says

    Arsenal 2 Fulham 0

  21. Suhas Puranik says

    Liverpool 2Leeds 1

  22. Barca Daily says

    Yea EA really hates Bayern

  23. Dev Gupta says

    Spurs to beat everton 2-1 goals from alli and son as well as james Rodriguez

  24. Rishabh Bhakta says

    i predict matt is going to all wrong

  25. Aman Raj says

    Lewa has been given a +2 upgrade what are you saying

  26. Banathey Manuga says

    1-0 Leeds

  27. Adithya Narayanan says

    Liverpool will be humbled at home against Leeds. Kalvin Phillips for MOTM

  28. Ian Leboo says

    Moura to score Ful vs Ars 1-3Chelsea to keep a cleensheet

  29. Amha Tadesse says

    Fulham 1-4 ArsenalAubameyang to score 2 goalsMarseille 2-3 PSGLiverpool 2-0 LeedsSpurs 1-2 Everton

  30. Jacob says

    I think leeds will draw with Liverpool

  31. Osman Hersi says

    Lewandowski rating is 91

  32. Tiago Costa says

    anyone care to explain me how alex telles, the most goalscoring defender +11 assists has still the same rating even tho hes better than alex sandro and robertson combined? thanks

  33. Amos Gaisie says

    Kante alone is like double of Ndidi at the midfield Trust me 🥂

  34. Henry Mao says

    liverpool 3 -3 Leedswerner nothinghavertz gets 2 goals and an assist

  35. jeFF Fury says

    Giroud is NOT moving to Juve, he rubbished those rumours.

  36. Nazri Buang says

    Thanks 4 the text

  37. Matt says

    Brozovic is good, Bayern are even looking at him as Thiago’s replacement.

  38. pat says


  39. iBluXBL says

    Won't buy fifa21

  40. Kay Dach says

    my whole life changed because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  41. Tinotenda Makuwekuwe says

    chelsea 3-0 Brighton

  42. Tinotenda Makuwekuwe says

    spurs 3-1 everton

  43. Pingu Playz says

    Arsenal 2 Fulham 0 : first goal by aubameyang assisted by lacazette and second goal by nketiah assisted by saka

  44. neil mandimika says

    Liverpool 2Leeds 1

  45. JHAÉ #1 says

    How did he forget about Bale😂😂😂😭😭😭

  46. Muhammed danyaal Hassim 8f says

    How much of a legend is mattEach like is,a percent

  47. Leo Murphy says

    Henderson should be 86 but Thiago 87

  48. Wendonn Butler says

    3-1 Arsenal2-0 Chelsea1-1 Southampton & palace3-0 Liverpool

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