Chelsea Transfers: Is Onana Actually BETTER Than Oblak? Here's The PROOF!


As Kepa faces uncertainty over his future at Chelsea which will be discussed after the FA Cup final, the two names that are all over social media to replace Kepa are Oblak of Atletico Madrid and Onana of Ajax. In this video I discuss why Oblak is the prime target for Chelsea, however why Onana should be considered a lot more heavily simply due to a very interesting metric called PSxG (Post-Shot Expected Goals). Data science might have proven why Onana could be the better option at Chelsea ahead of Oblak. Here is why…

Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you’re getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey…

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  1. CaRiBgAl4 says

    Great insight Younes. fantastic video. But it then makes you wonder why Ajax are prepared to let him go so easily & cheaply.

  2. athoi irom says

    Well mate you have made a come back. Glad you have done it. JB is kinda boring

  3. shrikant kapur says


  4. Udechukwu Daniel says

    I think Onana will be a better option to Oblak. Less price, less wages and younger in age. We should go for Onana

  5. Kendrick Perry511 says

    Why Chelsea don't look at this guy Juan Musso from Udinese

  6. Fortune Udechukwu says

    Wow! I love the exposition and I've always routed for Onana, it's wiser, cost effective and top notch performance with dedication. It's just the wealth of experience that is left for him to be much better than Oblak

  7. Panos Panagiotis says

    Younes please send this grafik to Lampard

  8. Jogo Big says


  9. Sidney teixeira lopes says

    I want yann SOmmer at Chelsea

  10. Ewere Adaikpoh says

    Me thinks Petre chec already knows this. How can Oblak be the best keeper with Athletico playing defensive all the time?

  11. Peter Peterson says

    Chelsea has modeled a philosophy of being a player development club. Oblak will not fit this philosophy. I have always vouched for Onana. Then we onboard Tagliafico.

  12. joseph ramahotswa says

    wow that was interesting Victor it is then numbers dont lie .price tags do !

  13. Tormund Gaint says

    We need to buy a cheap goalkeeper, so we can have the time to shop around later.. Saying hi from Somalia ??..

  14. Ben Bennemans says

    Great vid and info. Just one thing to mention and I do not want to come off as rude, just feedback. I sounds like you talk with a lot of spit in your mouth. IDK if that can be solved in a simple way or not, but if so, it would give me a better experience to listen to you. Keep up the great work.

  15. Manfred C.C says

    Youneshh should be a Chelsea manager

  16. football pes says

    For me nick pope is the best option he is cheeper than both and has an outstanding performance this season with 15 clean sheets and 4 man of the match and second most saves and he has big experience in premier league ….just amazing

  17. Yohan Alexander says

    We need new center-backs! NEED THEM BADLY !!!

  18. bernard okwatta says

    I liked this breakdown.

  19. Miftha Rahman says

    This is one of the most interesting videos I've ever watched!! LETS GO TEAM ONANA?

  20. jbliggidy123 says

    I would take onana, the kid has skill, hes young and i feel like he’ll get better hes very trusted by his teammates and they respect him, and ajax fans trust and respect him also

  21. Emer Son says

    Are well completely dismissing the possibility of a loanee or academy goalkeeper? Someone like Nathan Baxter or Cummings?

  22. Saivarun Prasad G says

    Can we get a gbfc younes and football therapy combo

  23. Rahul Dsouza says

    Martin Dubravka has made the most saves in the EPL

  24. Chelsea tv says

    Evan Fred astaire is beta than crapa

  25. Khalid Ali says

    Also onana is better in distributions. Can use both feets too. I think we should get him and if it doesn't work out than get oblak hopefully half the price he is rn.

  26. Khalid Ali says

    One thing i know is barely anyone is worse than kepa. By far the worst signing we've made since Adrian mutu.

  27. RMY 100 says

    Great data, well done to share this info!

  28. Lord Voldemort says


  29. LEON FLINT says

    Did anybody see kepa's positioning

  30. kenneth k ngoma says

    I think going for Onana is a great idea both economically and Performance wise

  31. Mohammed M.Sabo says

    Onana I vote for

  32. dodge Fontana says

    Very good ??

  33. Liverpool FC YNWA says

    Only Liverpool fans knew who is better gk between them???

  34. Ngalim Vianney says

    I don’t even need to listen to u.. oblak is in a world of his own

  35. salik satabhdi says

    Now this is something new to look for.?

  36. ASB Good vibe says

    This is my favorite channel this days

  37. Aviral Thapa says

    Onana is too underrated

  38. Munashe Muzadzi says

    We can sell players like Barkley and fund the oblack deal

  39. Munashe Muzadzi says


  40. Munashe Muzadzi says


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