1. LIUBCHENKO says

    20 000 Likes For Chelsea vs Watford and Willian ? ?⚽?

  2. Adedeji Tobi says

    Willian is currently in the form of his life, Pulisic is still developing into a star so I go with Willian for now.

  3. Sherabsang Sherabsang says

    Ross Barkley

  4. Sarim Tisso says

    I love Both.

  5. Hmingpuia Chawngthu says


  6. Smart Einstein says

    Always everyone Jamie cumming is equal to Timo Werner everyone in the team play for fans ,their respect to the crest and their team no one is playing for being popular everyone is equal

  7. Suncheon Alex says


  8. NagaBi Lo says

    Pulisic of course..

  9. Isaac Alao says

    Pulisic for sure he won all the penalties William only took them scoring them is only because he his the most in form player

  10. Munashe Dirwayi says

    William is still a little bit better than pulisic

  11. Promise Gbanigo says


  12. reza hamzah says

    I wish you gonna day now!

  13. Valentino Santillana says

    Pulisic is better

  14. Home_ Of_Gamers says

    Up Blues✌, I go with WILLIAN?

  15. Kimkima chinzah says


  16. Kaiden Williams says


  17. Ibrahim absa says

    Pulisic ❤️❤️❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??From somalia ????????

  18. moh rambo says


  19. abdallah saalim says

    William have more experience and they r both good players

  20. jazz mine says


  21. Sam Boy says


  22. Jay Cage says


  23. michael newman says

    Willian on any day Follow @daily.faithglobal on instagram Blues ?

  24. Obanla David says


  25. Itzz Hazza says

    Pulisic for ever

  26. Luke Craig says


  27. bavon odhiambo says


  28. Tom O'Connor says

    Pulisic all day

  29. Tik Tok de los Famosos says

    Willian es un crack ??⚽

  30. Alwayne Folkes says


  31. abdullah baba says

    we cant see goals clearly so can u wash them again d.

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